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Hey Everyone!! It's a New YEAR and I'm still here. 
I haven't been active in a long time via this platform but have made a commitment to get back to it. .right here. .bringing you what I LOVE!! I started this blog over 5 years ago with the intent to create a platform for myself and a group of friends to share things we each enjoyed and were passionate about. 
This very platform has opened doors for me over the years that I couldn't imagine were possible.  (I had the vision but you know how it is when you are working ON the vision at the same time. Woo. .Child. .Glory!!) I am so grateful to those who have attended, sponsored, and provided support over these years for any "Sophisticate Chronicles" event. 
This year will be no different. In partnership with new Sponsors, Bloggers, and Pubic Figures this year will be BIGGER than ever!!
Thanks for all your support!! Lorean~*
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