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Think Like a Man

Out this Friday, April 20th is one of the most anticipated films of the Spring/Summer. .
"Think Like A Man" based on Steve Harvey's "New York Time" Best Seller "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man".

I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta premiere and let me tell you. .It was truly a Black carpet event. Many of the stars of the movie were present. .Regina Hall (so excited to see her BACK and in new projects), Terrance J (with his Boo Selita by his side!! Cute couple), Gabrielle Union (Looked gorgeous as usual rocking a staple color for the season Yellow), and of course the man himself Steve Harvey accompanied by his beautiful wife Marjorie. The movie is nothing short of AWESOME and has a little bit of something for everyone to relate too.

I received an invite at the last minute to come down but I did what all SophistiKats do. .Pulled it together and SHOWED out. (Pics to come soon)

I had a BLAST!! It was truly a blessing to attend the event. ATL tru…

Sisters It’s Time to Heal, Part I

There is no need to front!! As African American women we are OUR worst enemy. We will tear another sister apart majority of the time before getting to truly know her as a person. .and most of the time it's based off of He Say/She Say or just the wrong interpretation of who we think the next woman is. .Sad but TRUE!! I am guilty of this and have been the one misinterpreted. So can shed light from both ends of the stick. However it is time for us to put a stop to this form of hatred amongst us. We have got to be supportive. .encouraging. .and truly show love towards one another. If we don't, who else will. Check out this article from and give me some feedback ;")

Written for by: Sophia A.Nelson

Sisters, STOP! Put a pin in it as I like to say. Let's get a hold of ourselves and rethink this. We are talking about us here, us! Beautiful, brilliant, bold, courageous, loving, nurturing, kind, compassionate, sensitive, giving, dedicated, strong, resilien…

SophistiKat "JAM of the Week"

I've been WAITING on this video and absolutely LOVE this song. . 
Here is Drake feat Rihanna. ."Take Care"


Urban Hangover. .VEGAS!!

To all my young, sophisticated, urban professionals. .this is an event of a LIFETIME you do not want to miss!! The Urban Hangover: Vegas Getaway 2012!! And you know what they say "What happens in Vegas. .Stays in Vegas. .or didn't happen"!! LoL!!

Sin City will never be the same.
Here is a little about the event. .

This FIRST CLASS LYFESTYLE event will be held on July 27th – 30th 2012 and promises to be a weekend that you will never forget. Tastemakers, Trendsetters, Upscale Mature Professionals. Celebrities and Jet-Setters will converge on the Las Vegas Strip for a weekend of, OVER THE TOP Parties, Gambling, and what happens in Vegas didn’t happen activities!

Kick-off for the Official URBAN HANGOVER Weekend!  
We have planned one of the most exciting weekends you will ever experience and we can’t wait to MEET YOU!
Good Breakfast (Coat your stomach for the weekend activities – Smile)
Depart from your Respective City
Arrive at the Harrah’s Hotel
Welcome Rece…

SophistiKat "JAM of the Week"

I had been hearing this song on the radio for weeks. .
I didn't know who it was until I "searched" for the title on YouTube.
I loved the song and now the video too ;")
So here it is Maino featuring Robbie Nova "That Could Be US".


Ooooh Devin. .~*

For the past few years I have been following yet another CRUSH. .
Ladies when I say this man is the he is. .in every way imaginable.
Talented. .Godly. .Giving to his community and philanthropies. .and the list goes ON!!
Who am I speaking of. .none other than Devin Thomas ;")

Now he has a Super Bowl ring (won with the New York Giants Super Bowl 2012) to add to his many accolades.  He recently signed a 1 year contract with the Chicago Bears for this upcoming season (so you know my D. Thomas Bears gear will be on deck) and also SINGLE he was featured in YRB magazine April 6th. .Here are some of the highlights

On winning the Super Bowl and pursing other career avenues. .

“Oh my goodness. I felt so heroic. I felt like something out of a comic book. Like a superhero defeating the enemy. Everybody’s shit going crazy. The parade for the Super Bowl win was the best feeling in the world. It just goes to show what an amazing city this is. It’s where dreams come true,” Thomas says. “…

Sistah's on the MOVE

I am an avid supporter of my sistahs that are not only doing good things in the African American community but across the country. I had the pleasure of meeting Gabrielle Lewis in 2010 while judging the District "Miss Black and Gold" Pageant for the Association of TN Alphamen. Her spirit is resounding and she is a dynamic christian young woman in all the sense. She went on to win that title and competed at regional competition. Now she has the pleasure of being the reigning
"Miss Black Memphis USA 2013".

She will present her first program "The Queen In YOU" this week on the campus of Washington State University with another phenomenal sister (which I featured last year in "Sistah's Write") Katha D. Blackwell relationship expert and author of "Not Another Victim". Gabrielle will host a panel featuring Mrs. Blackwell and a group of gentlemen from Washington State University and the community. The topics will range from different for…

Color Trend Alert: Power of GREEN

Last Monday I had the honor of being featured in an article by LIFE and Fashion writer Karen Nazor Hill giving my opinion on one of this Spring/Summers' hottest colors. .Green!!
Check it out ;")

Fashion Report: Designers turn to a soft shade of green
By Karen Nazor Hill for Chattanooga Times Free Press
Monday, April 2, 2012

It's not so hard being GREEN!!

Though Margarita, a soft shade of green, fell short of being named Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year (top honors went to Tangerine Tango), it still nabbed a coveted spot on the color forecasting company's Top 10 list of best colors for spring.

Designers including Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Yves Saint Laurent and Rachel Roy have incorporated shades of greens into their latest spring and summer designs.

Brandy Norwood in Rachel Roy "Green" Cut Out Dress

YSL: Yves Saint Laurent "Tribtoo" Pump

Katherine Burger, owner of K Boutique on North Market Street, said she's seeing a lot of gree…

SophistiKat "Book Spotlight"

Every month there is a book selected for the "SophistiKat Book Club".
This month however I wanted to shine the spotlight on a book that is just a fabulous read. .and perfect for the upcoming season. .SUMMER. .

"Single Girl Summer"

About the book. .
Relationships aren't complicated. . .People are!! 

Button Jackson* knows two things for sure: all men cheat and all women are rivals. So it's no surprise that the impeccably dressed restaurateur hasn't had a serious boyfriend, close girlfriend, or any connection of substance in years.
Meghan Cherry* has the opposite problem. Reeling from a painful divorce, the techie with a desire to unleash her artistic side, can't figure out why her relationships end with nothing when she gives so much.
Attorney, Dawn Martin* is stuck somewhere in the middle. Waiting in purgatory for a marriage proposal that just won't come has molded her into a woman she swore she'd never be.

Against the backdrop of hot days and coo…

Have a Blessed Easter

SophistiKat "Song of the Week"

I Loved how Elle Varner busted on the scene with her bright smile and beautiful natural hair with JCole on her 1st single "Wanna Give It To You".

Now she's back with her 2nd single "Refill" showing us that there is more than spunk and attitude to this new songstress. Her raw and raspy vocals are on point.

This song is on point for a lot of us SINGLE Ladies. .who just need a refill from a REAL man!! LoL!!

Enjoy ;")

How To Tell If You're Dating A Boy or Man

I LOVE and every time I find something that is vital to not only my SophistiKats but my men as well I like to share. One of my FAVorites (in case you haven't noticed by now. .LoL!!) is the "Modern Day Matchmaker" Paul Carrick Brunson. Last month he shared a few tell/TELL signs of how distinguish weather the guy you are dating/in a relationship with is a boy or if he has made the transition to truly being a man. These are the TOP 7* signs with a few others. .and guys if you take notice. .you might be clamming to be something you are not. .just yet :") Enjoy

Sometimes, ideas for posts come to me in conversation, sometimes based on what I read, and others I'm inspired by the real situations my clients are in. But believe it or not, my all time favorite source for ideas is Twitter. I find the social media platform to be the best pulse to find out what’s of interest in our lives.

Ive seen a lot of chatter on Twitter about people's opinion on the differ…

SophistiKat "Dessert of the Month"

So one of my FAVorite shows is "Down Home with the Neely's"!!
They are such a beautiful couple. .but a couple that can COOK!! They have several receipe's that I will be sharing straight from their website. However today I want to share one of everyone's favorite desserts with a twist. .

Grilled Banana Split

2 teaspoons brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
6 firm bananas, split in 1/2, lengthwise, in their peels
Store-bought strawberry ice cream
1/2 cup store-bought candied pecans, for topping
Fresh Whipped Cream, for topping
Store-bought hot fudge sauce, for topping
Maraschino cherries, for topping
Mint sprigs, for garnish

Preheat the grill to medium heat.
Mix the sugar and cinnamon together in a small bowl.
Sprinkle the bananas with sugar and cinnamon mixture.
Put them, cut side down, on the grill and cook until grill marks appear, about 2 to 3 minutes.
Flip over and cook until the peel just starts to pull away from the banana.
Remove the…

SophistiKat "Drink of the Month"

Your health is the most important factor in your life. With the proper diet and exercise living a long life is possible. The ingredients featured in the this drink are full of antioxidants, have the potential to fight forms of cancer, preventing heart disease, etc.

This month I chose a cocktail that is fitting for not only the healthy SophistiKat but right on point for the month of April. Spring is in full bloom and everyone is ready for Easter, Brunches, and plenty of fun in the sun. .

Here is the Dragon Well Cocktail

1/3 USA Red Anjou pear, cored and coarsely chopped (do not peel)
1-1/4 oz pear vodka, such as Grey Goose La Poire or Absolut Pears
1/2 oz pear liqueur, such as Clear Creek Pear Brandy or Aqua Perfecta Pear Eau de Vie
3/4 oz green tea-infused simple syrup (see recipe below)
1 oz pear juice, such as Santa Cruz Organic Pear Nectar
Dry Soda-brand Lavender soda
Pomegranate seeds

Green Tea-infused Simple Syrup
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup water
2 bags green tea