Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Old Fashioned Dating Rules for the NEW YEAR 2013

The "Modern Day Matchmaker" Paul C. Brunson is at it again and getting us IN ORDER for the NEW YEAR. .2013!!

For my single ladies out there. .these are just a few of many "ole school" rules to live by.
Chivalry IS NOT dead we just have to stick to our standards and allow REAL men to show and prove just that ;") Check these out. .

Always Look Your Best
Attraction is very primal. We’re attracted to “good looks.” That said, you never know when you may meet that special someone at the supermarket, gas station or on the street. If you always look your best, you’ll always stand the best chance of securing a date.

Confidence Is Sexy
Men love a woman with confidence. Be sure to smile, keep your back straight, listen attentively, walk with your shoulders back and speak slowly. This will make you seem confident, even if you are quivering with nervousness inside.

Bad Breath Kills
Nothing kills chances of a kiss, or a second date, like bad breath. If your breathy conversation has been malodorous, chances are your date will likely extend you a hand at the end of the evening. Visit the dentist regularly, practice healthy brushing habits at home and always carry mints!

We Show Our Respect With Our Time
If he’s 5-10 minutes late, he may be pulling a Diddy, and trying to make an entrance. However, 10 minutes plus, with no phone call, is simply rude. Multiple incidents like this show you exactly how much respect he has for your time.

Gentleman Offer to Pay
This rule will be debated for the next 1000 years, and for the next 1000 years the answer will be the same. If he’s a gentleman, he’ll offer to pay on the first date (regardless of who asks). If he doesn’t, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, but it does mean his chivalry skills are lacking.

Good Manners Are Telling
We should all know that having good manners and saying “please” and “thank you” never ever goes out of style, especially on a date.

Why Buy the Cow, When You Can Get the Milk for Free?
Don’t rush sexual intimacy. Early sex is one surefire way to ruin a relationship. Make him prove his love for you before you get intimate. This rule is gospel!

Know When It's On To the Next One
Don’t make excuses! If he doesn’t call after the first date, he’s not interested. Move on. Creating a fantasy is a waste of time.

Ain’t Nothin’ Open After Midnight ‘Cept Legs
Don’t accept requests for late meetings with your new guy. If he has respect for you and your time, he will make plans for a more decent dating hour. Otherwise, beware that he’s only looking for a booty call.

Body Language Says More
Avoid fidgeting with your hair or clothes; this signals insecurity. Remember that only one third of communication is about the words you speak.

No "Your Mama" Talk
Avoid criticizing his mom (or yours). This will cause anyone to become defensive – or view you as not being family oriented – which is popular non-negotiable.

Don't Offer Too Much Too Early
People like people they can’t figure out in one evening. Don’t divulge too much and keep your dates short. Short dates will keep him longing for more.

Honesty Is the Best Policy
Drama is avoided when we tell the truth. There must be a balance you strike with this rule and the former because omitting the truth is also lying.

A Man Without A Plan Isn't Ready for You
If you find yourself having the “what do you want to do tonight” conversation on the first, second and third dates, chances are, he’s just not that into you.

Be A Lady
Even if you can fart Amazing Grace without missing a beat, avoid boasting about this on your first date. Trust me, even if he is crass with his boys, he will find vulgarity unappealing in the woman he is dating.

You Will Kiss A Few Frogs Before You Meet Your Prince
Do not be discouraged when it seems that your dates have never lead to anything meaningful. That’s what dating is about, going out with new people to get to know more about your likes and deal breakers and to get better at your own social skills. Your prince is out there!

Phone Calls Win
Modern technology has provided a million and one ways to contact potential dates – email, text, Facebook message, and by tweet to name a few. No matter how far technology advances, the phone call will always be the best way to connect (aside from in-person). All methods other than by phone are simply not as brave, direct or clear.

It's What He Does, Not What He Says
Actions speak louder than words… PERIOD!

Unveiling Vulnerability = Love
When they show you they are vulnerable, that’s when they show you they’re in love. He has let his guard down to let you in.

For more information on Paul C. Brunson visit
Also Follow him on Twitter @PaulCBrunson

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NBC's Deception

Everyone knows I LOVE a good show!! Especially one with suspense and a good story line. (i.e. my LOVE for Scandal)

NBC has decided to step up their game and bring what I believe to be one of the Hottest new shows of the Winter season. .Deception starring the beautiful Megan Good (Jumping the Broom, Stomp the Yard, Deliver Us From Eva) and the Oh SO Handsome and talented Laz Alonso (Jumping the Broom, Stomp the Yard, Avatar, and This Christmas. .just to name a few).

The Plot:
When Vivian Bowers, a famous socialite, is found dead from what appears to be an overdose, her best friend, Detective Joanna Locasto (Megan Good), is re-embraced by the wealthy Bowers family and in time she begins to uncover the truth of what really happened with her friend's death.

Let me tell you. .if you have ONDemand you need to check out the FIRST episode via NBC (available until Jan 13)!!

I watched it on Christmas Eve and when I say this show will have you on the edge of your seat, bed, or wherever you are watching. .GET READY!!

Deception will be premiering January 7, 2013 at 10:00pm (est) and as you can see. .I will be TUNED IN!! The Bowers are a MESS ya'll and I can't wait to see what all is in store. .and of course get my Laz fix ;")


Aspire TV Highlights. .Deanna Burrell

BIG Shout Out and Congrats to one of THEE Hottest authors and a true SophistiKat Deanna Burrell for being highlighted by Aspire TV!! Her book "Single Girl Summer" is the

In case you don't have your copy pick ORDER TODAY!!

Also check out her website for information on her Blog "Red Cup Adventures" and to purchase PHly SGS apparel . .

And be sure to tune in to Aspire TV and be on the LOOKOUT for her Highlight ;")

Much LOVE and Keep up the AWEsome work Deanna!!


Just Because ;")

Luke James. .Luke James. .
This guy is blazing his way up the charts. .
Here is his NEW single "Make Love To Me". .Chiiiiild. .This man is BaDD ;")
Love the SONG and video cameos. .Kelly Rowland. .Omari Hardwick. .~*


Friday, December 21, 2012

SophistiKat "Drink of the Month"

Hey All ;")
I am a little late with this one but it's just in time for the weekend and the end of the month!!
This is a healthy blend and twist on my favorite drink "The Cosmopolitan"!!
This will be perfect cocktail to sip on while relaxing with friends after all the Christmas festivities or to bring in the NEW YEAR with.

Sparkling Charleston Cosmopolitan 


1 Cup Crushed Ice
3 Tablespoons Ciroc Premium Vodka
1 1/2 Tablespoons Peach Nectar
1 Tablespoon Orange Liqueur
1 Tablespoon Ocean Spray White Cranberry Juice
2 Lemon Wedges
2 Tablespoons Barefoot Pinot Grigio Sparkling Wine
Orange Slices

Combine crushed ice, vodka, peach nectar, orange liqueur, and white cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker.
Squeeze juice from lemon wedges into shaker.
Place wedges in shaker.
Cover with lid, and shake vigorously until thoroughly chilled (about 30 seconds).
Strain into a 6- to 8-oz. glass
Top with sparkling white wine.
Garnish glass with orange slice.

So try it out over the next 2 weeks and leave a comment letting me know what you think. Remember to always drink responsibly ;")


Tyler Perry's "Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor"

Tyler Perry is definitely showing that there is more to him than Madea!!
The phenomenal play writer, director, and producer is back with yet another thriller.

Full of suspense, sex appeal, and a plot that thickens right up until the end "Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor"  will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Plot: A Marriage Counselor's (Jurnee Smollett) marriage and professional life becomes complicated after she enters into a relationship with one of her clients (Robbie Jones).

The sexy and talented Lance Gross plays Jurnee's husband ;")
Also featured is the FABulous Vanessa Williams, Brandy, and Kim Kardashian (Mmph. .side eye).

All I can say is I'm READY Mr. Perry!! March 29 GO CHECK IT OUT


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SophistiKat "Old School Jam of the Week"

YES!! I still love this mans and he is still in my rotation!!

Here's a little something for those who know about the 90's and LOVE the music from that era.
Keith Sweat "I'll Give All My Love to You"!!
This is MY Jam ;")


Mmm. .Delicious

One company has made my dreams come true 2 ways!!
I have been in LOVE with Nuvo since it came out. It's one of my FAVorite drinks and of course I can't get a enough of a PERFECT Nuvo Cosmo ;") Mmph. .Anywhoo. .

Those that know me. .I mean KNOW me. .know I am a RED VELVET fiend!!
Cupcakes, Cakes, Tarts, etc. You name it. .if it's Red Velvet . .I love it!! (This addiction however was not my fault. .there is one particular person to blame. .LoL!! I shall rest on that).

The same goes for Peach Cobbler!!
(Can't nobody make it like my Grandmother and Mom though. .Boaw)

Check out the latest additions to the "Nuvo" Family and Delicious Recipes. .
                           Red Velvet

                   Peach Cobbler

I'm so EXCITED I can't sit still!!
And once you all try these. .comment back and let me know what you think.
Let the fun begin!!


Friday, October 12, 2012

SophistiKat "Jam"

YES!! Rick Ross just keeps dropping HIT after HIT. .but HEY I'm not complaining!!
All I can do is acknowledge and salute.

Another one of my FAVs off "God Forgive, I Don't" has a Video!! ;")
Here is "Diced Pineapples" feat Wale and Drake

I swear Wale and his lyrics. .Child. .WooWee. .Bye!! #Flatline LoL!!


Sunday, October 7, 2012


A few weeks ago our FABulous FLOTUS sent the media and all SophistiKats into a FRENZY after her appearance at the DNC.

It wasn't her hair. .It wasn't her dress. .but it was her manicure and the gorgeous shade of gray she chose.

Now I am an OPI FANatic (which is merely an understatement). I literally go "OPI" shopping once or twice a month to purchase NEW colors for my collection or to replace what I've ran out of.

Since the closing of "Trade Secret"; I now shop at Ulta or a few salons (here in the city that keep the the latest collections). I went looking for the closest color I could find.

This mission didn't take long ;")

French Quarter For Your Thoughts
(Touring America Collection)

Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!
(Germany Collection)

Both of these colors look absolutely gorgeous on any skin tone and has a neutral effect which won't clash with wardrobe choices/colors.

Try them both out today!!
Visit to check out other colors and to find a location to purchase near you!!


SophistiKat "Desert of the Month"

Keeping with the kick off of the Fall season. .I wanted to bring you a recipe for a delectable treat that would be fun yet healthy.  .

Pumpkin Pie Tarts

Health benefits of Pumpkin:

Alpha-carotene "Vitamin A" (promotes healthy vision and ensures proper immune function)
Beta-carotene "Vitamin B" (reverses skin damage caused by the sun and act as an anti-inflammatory)
Fiber (reduce bad cholesterol levels, protect the body against heart disease, control blood sugar levels, promote healthy digestion, and plays a role in weight loss)
Vitamin C (boosts immunity, reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, and regulates cholesterol levels)
Vitamin E (promotes healthy skin by protecting the body from sun damage and may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and certain cancers)
Potassium (aids in balancing fluid levels in the body, promotes strong bones, is necessary for energy production, and helps to control blood pressure)
Magnesium (aids the body in hundreds of functions, including promoting a healthy immune system, contributing to bone strength, and normalizing heart function)
Pentatonic acid "B5" (balance hormone levels and manage stress)

AND this treat is only 100 calories ;")  How great is that!!


16 (2 1/2-inch) foil baking cups
Nonstick cooking spray
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 large egg whites
1 can (15 oz.) LIBBY'S® 100% Pure Pumpkin
1 can (12 fl. oz.) NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Fat Free Milk
1 cup fat free whipped topping
12 small gingersnap cookies, broken into 1/4-inch pieces


Preheat oven to 350º F.
Place baking cups on baking sheet with sides.
Spray each cup with cooking spray.
Combine sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, ginger and salt in small bowl.
Beat egg whites in large bowl.
Stir in pumpkin and sugar mixture.
Gradually stir in evaporated milk. S
Spoon 1/4 to 1/3 cup of mixture into each prepared cup.
Bake for 25 to 28 minutes or until knife inserted near centers comes out clean.
Cool on baking sheet for 20 minutes.
Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
Top each with whipped topping and gingersnap crumbs.

Ready to Serve ;")

Dose of SOUL

Everyone knows that I LOVE "FE: Foreign Exchange"!!
Phonte' the vocalist/lyricist of FE is on a new track "Gonna Be a Beautiful Night" featuring
Carlitta Durand (a new and beautiful vocalist)!!

Two Words: Love IT!!

Enjoy your Sunday Afternoon ;")


Thursday, October 4, 2012

SophistiKat "Old School Jam of the Week"

This is one of my FAVorite Hip Hop Jams and who doesn't LOVE LL Cool J!!
Upset I couldn't  find the actual video on YouTube. .but still ON IT and had to post.

Here is MY Old School Jam. ."Around The Way Girl"!!

"Sweet as Brown Sugar with the Candied Yams". .That's Moi ;") LoL!!



Last year we featured this Handsome star as "Gentleman of the Week" and if you aren't ready for the return of the Chicago Basketball KING D. Rose. .You're slippin!!

I may be a Celtics FAN but I still have love for the Chicago Bulls!!

Adidas Presents an online web series documenting the recovery and return of Derrick Rose!! This is Episode 4 (the newest episode) but you can check all of them out, get inside access, and join #TheReturn at:

Also FOLLOW D Rose on Twitter @DRose and Adidas Basketball @Adidashoops

December 18, 2012. .I'm ready ;")


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

YES!! This has been on repeat for me most of the week. My JAM ;")
Fat Joe featuring Kanye West (Roscoe Dash and Miguel) "Pride N Joy"!!


Steel Magnolias

In an updated contemporary version of the beloved stage play and 1989 film, "Steel Magnolias" chronicles the lives and friendship of six women in Louisiana. Supporting each other through their triumphs and tragedies, they congregate at Truvy’s beauty shop to ponder the mysteries of life and death, husbands and children - and hair and nails - all the important topics that truly unite and celebrate women.

Golden Globe® and Grammy® Award winner and Academy Award® nominee Queen Latifah stars in and executive produces the film, reuniting her with producing duo Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, from the Oscar and Golden Globe winning "Chicago" and "Hairspray." Directed by Kenny Leon (A Raisin in the Sun), the film features Queen Latifah as ‘M’Lynn’, Tony® Award winner Phylicia Rashad as ‘Clairee,’ Independent Spirit Award nominee Adepero Oduye as ‘Annelle,’ Tony Award nominee Condola Rashad as ‘Shelby,’ Grammy winner Jill Scott as ‘Truvy’ and Golden Globe and multiple Emmy®- winner Alfre Woodard as ‘Ouiser.’

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, "Steel Magnolias" is executive produced by Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere ("Single Ladies") and Shelby Stone. Leon directs from a script that has been adapted for television by Sally Robinson ("Iron Jawed Angels") and is based on the play and screenplay by Robert Harling ("The First Wives Club"). "Steel Magnolias" is also a reunion for Zadan, Meron, Rashad and Leon, who last worked together on the critically acclaimed Emmy and Golden Globe nominated Sony TV movie "A Raisin in the Sun", which won numerous NAACP Image Awards, including Outstanding TV Movie, Miniseries, or Dramatic Special and Outstanding Actress in a TV Movie, Miniseries, or Dramatic Special for Phylicia Rashad.

Also to celebrate the premiere Lifetime network is hosting a Twitter prep session starting today. Follow @LifetimeTV on Twitter and follow these instructions (from the link below) for a chance to WIN one of TWO movie posters.

Don't forget to tune in Sunday, October 9, 2012!!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Losing my grandmother to Breast Cancer was one of the hardest things I've faced in my life. Watching my mother take care of her day end and day out was truly life changing. 
She fought like a Champion till the end and may she continue to REST in PEACE.

This month support and show that you are AWARE of the fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer. 
Make a donation in honor of a loved one, friend, or just to show you care to the Sisters Network. 

The Sisters Network® Inc. (SNI) is a leading voice and only national African American breast cancer survivorship organization in the United States. Sisters Network is governed by an elected Board of Directors and assisted by an appointed medical advisory committee.
Membership is 3000, which includes more than 40 affiliate survivor run chapters nationwide. 
The organization’s purpose is to save lives and provide a broader scope of knowledge that addresses the breast cancer survivorship crisis affecting African American women around the country.

Also support by purchasing OPI's "Pink of Hearts 2012" Collection

It features "You Glitter Be Good to Me" and "I Think in Pink"

Don't forget to ROCK your PINK all month long!! 

Get out and be involved all year. Visit the links below to see how you can help.

American Cancer Society

Susan G.  Komen

Sisters Network


SophistiKat "Drink of the Month"

It's officially FALL!! My FAVorite season ;")
Football, Good Food, AND the Holidays. .what more could you ask for right?
Well. .I always come with a refreshing and delicious cocktail to add to your rolodex of Favorites.
With a tropical twist and cool smooth taste. .here is something you can fix right at home for an after hour treat or get together with friends. .

Mango Cool Breeze

Ingredients (Number of Servings 2)
2.5 oz. Captain Morgan Parrot Bay® Mango
3 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix
2.5 oz. Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice
2 splashes Club Soda
2 slices pineapple

Add Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Mango, Sweet and Sour Mix, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, and splash of soda.
Shake with ice in Cocktail Shaker and pour into glass.
Garnish with Pineapple slice.

This is simply DELICIOUS
Enjoy ;")

Friday, August 3, 2012

SophistiKat "Drink of the Month"

Here is a light yet refreshing drink to help you wind down on these last few weeks of Single Girl Summer. .
A traditional mojito with a hint of mint and blood oranges. .

Blood Orange Mojito 

3 torn fresh basil leaves
1 tsp sugar
1 oz freshly squeezed blood orange juice
1 1/2 oz light rum (for an even more tropical flavor add Malibu Sunshine)
2 oz soda water
(Garnish: fresh basil leaf)

Add Basil, Sugar, and 12 oz Blood Orange Juice into glass.
Muddle the mixture.
Add remaining Blood Orange Juice, Rum, and top with Soda Water and Ice.
Garnish with a basil leaf.


Keyshia is BACK

My girl Keyshia Cole is BACK!! She never went anywhere but she has a fire that will not be put out.
Here is her new single "Enough of No Love" featuring Lil Wayne off her upcoming album.
Seems that she is channeling a little Mary J with the platinum blonde hair and leather.
LOVES me some Mary too.
Do your thang Keysh!! We're LOVING IT~*

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

Now this has been spinning in the club for months and finally here is the video!!
Future "Turn on the Lights"
I must say I like the video and it gives us a chance to see another side of this dude.
He might not be so bad after all ;")


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SophistiKat "Drink of the Month"

The Summer is here and it's Hott!! The main thing that I look for in a drink to relax with is something Light, Favorable, and Refreshing. So what will you find in MY pink cup? 
A cocktail everyone would love. .even some of you fellas. 
I received a gift basket last month that had ALL kinds of goodies in it. 
One in particular was Welch's NEW Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade!! 
When I say this stuff is it is!! 
Now my next mission was to create a drink that my girls and I could sip on during a "Single Girl Summer" night out. .by the pool. .wherever we are being Fearless, Fabulous, and Fun. .so here's what I came up with. Hope you ENJOY ;")

Pink Berry Splash

1 oz of Ciroc Red Berry
2 oz of Welch's Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade
Slices Orange (for garnish)


Pour Red Berry Ciroc in a large martini shaker filled half with Ice 
Shake until well chilled. 
Pour in Welch's Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade then shake again.
Strain mixture into each prepared glass
Garnish each glass with 1 slice of Orange
Serve immediately.


Show you are TRUE. .to the RED WHITE and BLUE

Karen Nazor-Hill does it again with an outstanding article on the importance of showing patriotism on July 4th. Some of the HoTTest trends for summer feature the colors of our beloved flag. Check out what some have to say they will be rocking and why it's important on this day.

Whether it's combining red, white and blue separates or clothing decorated with stars and stripes, wearing the colors of the flag is a visual display of patriotism for the Fourth of July.

According to a National Retail Federation survey conducted by BIGinsight, more than 48 million Americans will purchase patriotic merchandise, including apparel, this year.

Former Miss Black Tennessee Lorean Mays said three generations of her family choose patriotic attire for the Fourth.

"We always go with the theme for Independence Day," she said. "I feel that it is important to show your patriotism on July Fourth, showing that we are united as one and most importantly showing that we believe in our country."

Typically, Mays pulls together red, white and blue pieces already in her wardrobe.

"I love white jeans and navy blazers," she said. "Red is usually a pop color for me with accessories, my belt or shoes."

Mays said she'll generally buy something new for her 4-year-old son, J.A. Heard, to wear. Red and blue are her favorite colors to dress him in, "so he has quite a bit in his wardrobe."

Misty Heinsman, of Chattanooga, said she, too, will pull patriotic colors out of her closet, perhaps accessorizing with something new, such as a scarf or hat, "and always cute sandals."

Heinsman said Target is a good source for themed T-shirts for daughter Ellie, 8. And husband Rich will also wear a red, white and blue T-shirt, she said.

Local artist Daniel Swanger said his choice of patriotic colors also shows his support for religious freedom.

"I'm wearing red, white and blue to St. Stephen's (Catholic) Church this weekend as our U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops proclaim 'Fortnight for Freedom' to protect religious liberty and be patriotic at the same time," he said.

Rossville resident Ann Dendy, a Realtor, said her church, Parkway Baptist Temple, celebrated the holiday Sunday by singing patriotic songs and swapping out their typical choir robes for red, white and blue clothing. Dendy said the church is also decorated for the holiday.

Be sure to follow Karen on Twitter @KarenNazorHill
*Like* her on Facebook


SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

Rick Ross "The Boss" is bringing the HEAT to these other rappers and crews!!
MMG is on TOP of things right now ;")
Here is MY Jam of the WEEK. ."Touch 'N You" featuring hometown R&B heartthrob Usher.
I loved the song lyrically but LOVE the video more!!
Also featured is the beautiful LaShontae Heckard (who plays "Jasmine" on BET's The GAME)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

3* Secrets

We all want to know the secrets to maintaing a healthy and long lasting relationship. .at least my Single Ladies and Fella's do. Over the course of 3 years psychologist have interviewed several couples who have been in relationship ranging from 5 - 20 years. .trying to find the answer to this most commonly asked question. .and here is the answer.

What are the top 3 secrets to maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship?

1) They accentuate the positive in life more than the negatives.
(Meaning no matter the circumstance your partner will have a positive spin on any negative situation that may occur.)

2) They not only cope well during hardship, but also celebrate the happy moments and work to build more of these into their lives.
(Regardless of what may happen you know that this person will be by your side and endure til the end. In trial and triumph you can truly count on your partner.)

 3) They excel in their ability to support each other under difficult circumstances.
(Being able to adapt to change yet show love and support at any given time and during any type of situation)

They all pretty much sound the same to me. Someone who will always shine a light on who you are at your best and be there for you at your worst. Loyal, Supportive, and most of all a true friend.

What do you all think? Comment and give me some feedback ;")


SophistiKat "Dose of Soul"

Here is a dose of some SOUL for your Sunday Afternoon "Magic Happen" by one of my FAVorite groups Kindred the Family Soul!!

Make sure to purchase their latest album "Love Has No Recession" from iTunes

Enjoy ;")

Single Girl Summer

One of the Hottest books out is inspiring Single women to be Fearless, Fabulous, and to have some FUN!! On June 20, 2012 Deanna Burrell celebrated the 1 year anniversary of her book "Single Girl Summer".

The book chronicles the lives of 3 women Button, Meghan, and Dawn who would take on the summer with many twist and life changing turns. I feel that every woman can relate to each character in some way.

Button Jackson "The Lethal SophistiKat" dressed in the BaDDest designer suit and heels this bona-fide DIVA and owner of one of the Hottest restaurants in the city truly doesn't have it ALL together. From her issues with men, making friends, and her mother (who turns out to be at the root of all of her problems) she will embark on a journey that will take her back in time and move her forward to being loving, free, and open. .all thanks to the Summer.

Meghan Chery "The Boho SophistiKat" in the words of Drake "Sweat Pants, Hair Tied, Chilling with NO make-up on" Meghan has to face reality and find herself after a hard divorce. Many years have gone by with her settling with the "good" job while putting her true dreams of being an Interior Designer on the back burner. Facing change under the hot Chicago sun she will boldly unleash all that was lost with the help of family, new friends, and new life changing experiences.

Dawn Martin "The Stringent SophistiKat" with her mind only on making Partner at her Firm and the woes of waiting on a proposal from the boyfriend who is also one of "Chicago's most Eligible Bachelor's" this sister is surely pressed and stressed. Facing infidelity and deadlines. .she will learn to lighten up and set herself free from the shackles of work and a failing relationship. Armed with a Red Cup and Sunglasses. .Dawn evolves into a new woman.

I give this book beyond 5* stars!! Deanna Burrell delivers a REAL story for not only African American women to relate to but all women in general. With these 3 characters you will find help and courage to face the reality of your own situations and make the steps to make things right and change for the better!! 

Personal Note:
Button *My FAVorite lead character* I felt like I related to her the most with the things that she faces and has to deal with in the book has well as her character and way of thinking. LoL!! We use some of the same phrases.

Davis (Button's Sidekick/Employee) Reminds me of one of my friends. He definitely helped keep her on her toes and provided a shoulder for each character which is what a true friend does.

The Cherry's (Meghan's parents) I loved the life lessons and inspirational messages delivered by Mr. and Mrs. Cherry. It have insight and balance to each woman's situation.

Not a big fan of RED but I have my PINK cup ;")

I'm READY for the sequel!!

If you are crazy and haven't purchased your copy visit the link below and do so TODAY!!


Food at it's FINEST

Soooo. .I've come to the conclusion that CHICAGO is where it's at right now!! 
From Hot Author's. .FABulous cooks. .and of course we can't forget our Handsome PRESIDENT who served in the Illinois Senate. .Whoop!!

I LOVE giving shout outs. .so this time I'm shouting out MY Big Sister (from another) and her Sister ;") Lol  
The Fabulous ladies of "Two Sister's Catering" straight out of the westside of Chicago, Illinois!!

I am a SOUTHERN girl all the way and when I tell you these ladies have a menu out of this world. .They do!! Any type of fix you may have. .they can satisfy. .and of course they have CUPCAKES!!

Who are the "Two Sisters"?

Two sisters who were born & raised on the West Side of Chicago. Having a love of food our their entire lives, they became serious about creating a unique eating experience & began working on elevating those every day delights into memorable decadence. A savory and dessert catering Service Company offering delicious decadent pastries, succulent savory creations and impeccable service for intimate home dinners, birthday parties, barbeques, rehearsal dinners, weddings, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and other social gatherings.

      Here are a few of their specialties. .

   Jack Daniels Wings

  Roasted Pork Butt

    Fried Pork Chops with Spaghetti, Broccoli Medley, 
 Dinner Roll and Side Salad

And last but not least. .The CUPCAKES!!

   Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes 
(with Raspberry Lemonade infused Buttercream Icing)

Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes
(with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing) 

Banana Pudding Cupcakes

Now you can see why when I get the chance I will be flying up to Chicago. .just to EAT!!

For more information or to book these ladies to cater your next event 
email or call (773) 305-5782
Also Check them out and *LIKE* their Facebook page "Two Sisters Catering"

Enjoy ;")

Monday, June 4, 2012

Today in Black History

Third national Black convention met in Philadelphia with twenty-nine delegates from eight states. Henry Sipkins of New York was elected president.

Samuel Gravely born on this day was appointed captain of the Navy Destroyer Escort, U.S.S. Falgout, the first African American to command a United States warship. He later received the rand of Rear Admiral, a first for an African American navyman.

Mississippi Valley State University is founded in Itta Bena, Miss.

Angela Davis acquitted by white jury in San Jose, California of charges stemming from a 1970 courtroom shoot-out.

Arna Bontemps, Writer and Educator in Nashville, Tennessee died on this day.

Four African Americans win Tony Awards for Black and Blue

Baltimore Orioles manager Frank Robinson is named assistant general manager of the club, the third African American to become as assistant GM.


How to Be HAPPIER without a Relationship

I absolutely love the Essence and all the information they provide for and to black women via the magazine and online. One of my FAVorite columnist to read online is "The Modern Day Matchmaker" aka Paul Carrick Brunson. At the end of May he dished out some information on how to be "HAPPIER" without a relationship. Here are the 14 steps to take that definitely fall in line with our #SingleGirlSummer campaign. Let's Get it LADIES!!~*

Written for by Paul Carrick Brunson

You are responsible for your own happiness!!
That’s what our marriage counselor told my wife and me a few days before we jumped the broom. At the time, I didn’t get it. I thought that, as a couple, we were supposed to complete each other, and therefore make each other happy. It didn’t fully register until a few years into our marriage that no matter how well intentioned my wife or I were, we could not “change” each other. Therefore our ability to “make” each other happy was futile. Sure, I could tell a joke and make her laugh or she could surprise me with tickets to the game and light up my face with a smile but ultimately those things were not happiness, they were kind acts with kind responses.

If you are struggling with your own happiness, whether or not you’re in a relationship, the following are 14 things you must know. 

Buy More Experiences And Fewer Material Goods
This means more putt-putt golf and vacations. Fewer cars and new TV’s. In a survey from the Journal of Consumer Psychology, people were asked which of two purchases made them happier, fully 57% of respondents reported that they had derived greater happiness from their experiential purchase, while only 34% reported greater happiness from their material purchase

Know the Ingredients of Happiness
There are three keys to happiness.
1) Pleasure (stuff that feels good in the moment – go anywhere you want with that statement…lol)
2) Meaning (belief/religion/philosophy)
3) Engagement (interaction with family & friends.)

Know that Rich People Are Not Happier
Don’t think Diddy is truly any happier than you. Well, on second thought, Diddy might be, but know the super-wealthy aren’t that much happier than the average person. Studies show once you make 75K a year, more money doesn’t make you all that much happier.

Visit The Double G (Gold’s Gym & God’s House)
Exercise and religion both make us happy and it’s because they provide small boosts to well-being on a regular basis. Although, I did once workout at my church and it was a miserable experience.

Spend More Time With Friends
Happiness expert Daniel Gilbert, who wrote the book Stumbling on Happiness, in an interview I once saw him do stated ”We are happy when we have family, we are happy when we have friends and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually just ways of getting more family and friends."

Givers Are the Happiest
It’s the first of the month, you just got paid, and you’re thinking making it rain on yourself is the quickest route to happiness. WRONG! Several studies show that those that give or what’s called buy “pro-socially” (ex: day-to-day activities that include friends and family) are happier than those that simply spend on personal items.

Drop the Mean Muggers In Your Crew
Research by Nicholas Christakis, a social scientist and internist at Harvard, states “the reality is straightforward: our friends strongly shape our behavior. We imagine ourselves as individuals, responsible for our own choices and emotions, but that sense of independence is a romantic myth. There is no wall between people.” So this means happier friends, happier you!

Set Ambitious Goals
People who set conservative goals have a harder time achieving satisfaction than those who set ambitious goals. This is according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Happiness Can Come In A Few Seconds
Thinking about the absence of a positive event from your life allows you to better appreciate the presence of that positive event in your life. Try it.

Do This Gratitude Exercise
Take a few minutes to write down five things you’re grateful for each week. Do this for 10 weeks. Studies show those that follow this simple exercise exhibit higher levels of happiness.

Tell Someone Thank You
“Thank you” is one of the most powerful word combinations. Use it often but use it genuinely. The result is a sense of overwhelming gratitude.

Don't Move to Russia
I found this to be fascinating, here are the happiest and least happy places in the world:

Take Vacations
Jamaica, on the beach, Red Stripe in one hand, favorite book in the other. Not much else needed to explain here.

Think Faster
The Psychology of Science reports that we experience an independent increase in positive mood when we think fast rather than slow. Therefore, I’m going to need everyone to read this entire blog post again, but do it in 30 seconds.

Follow him on twitter @PaulCBrunson to ask questions and receive further tips on how to be HAPPILY you!!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

SophistiKat "Dose of Soul"

This man just makes my day in so many ways with his music!! So. .while contemplating on what song of his to post today. .I decided to go with a FAVorite "Mo Betta" (I LOVE HIM and all of his songs. .but I do have a few FAVS. .believe it or not).

This song lyrically is what most of us hope for and pray God blesses us with in a mate. . . .Yes Glory!!

Woo Child!! Mr. DeVaughn when are you coming to Chattanooga? ;")


SophistiKat "Dessert of the Month"

When I said I was ready for SUMMER. .I was not playing around. I always try to pick recipes  appropriate for the month and with June being here and in most cases it's already Hot and Steamy in most places this will fit in nicely to any event, holiday, etc.

Now everyone who knows me personally KNOWS that I LOVE CUPCAKES!!
So I came up with my own ORIGINAL recipe (with the help of my Mama) to share with you.
My previous post introduces the "SophistiKat: Book Club" pick of the month.
I am going FULL force with the "Single Girl Summer" campaign to support not only the book and author. .but to promote being fit, fabulous, and embracing the "single" life. .LOVING yourself!!

Here is my treat. .
    The Single Girl Summer Cupcake ;")

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 Cup chopped Strawberries (Fresh Strawberries)
1/2 sliced Pineapples
1-2 tablespoons milk if needed* 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Beat butter and sugar together in the bowl of an electric mixer until fluffy, about 2-3 minutes. 
Add eggs and vanilla extract and mix until combined. 
Add flour, baking powder and salt with the mixer on low speed, then gradually increase speed. 
Add in chopped strawberries and pineapples and beat on medium speed until the strawberries break down about 1-2 minutes. 
At this point the strawberries and pineapples most likely have enough liquid that you don’t need to add any milk to the batter. 
If dry and is not like typical cake batter then add milk 1-2 tablespoons at a time, beating until incorporated.

Pour into cupcake liners, filling 2/3 of the way full, and bake for 20-25 minutes or until cake is set. Let cool, then frost.

Vanilla Buttercream Icing 

3 cups confectioners' sugar
1 cup butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 to 2 tablespoons whipping cream

In a standing mixer fitted with a whisk, mix together sugar and butter. 
Mix on low speed until well blended and then increase speed to medium and beat for another 3 minutes.
Add vanilla and cream and continue to beat on medium speed for 1 minute more, adding more cream if needed for spreading consistency.


"Pearls, Books, and Tea":The SophistiKat Bookclub

JUNE is finally here and I am ready to kick off the month and SUMMER with a BANG!! 

For starters. .the SophistiKat Bookclub is still  here!! This title and author are no stranger to the Sophisticate Chronicles. The Spotlight was shined on this book right here back in April and since then I've read this book 3 times!! Yes I said 3 and will read it again this month ;") #Boaw

Set in Chicago, Illinois with work filled days and HoTT eventful nights this book takes us on an exciting and emotional journey with 3 women who embark on one of the best SUMMERS of there life which will end in life lessons learned and a bond of friendship that will last a lifetime.

Button Jackson: A certified SophistiKat with much attitude and drive to match is a successful entrepreneur owning one of the hottest restaurants in the city. While dealing with her own personal issues from men to her mad mama she will be the glue that makes this group stick together.

Meghan Cherry: After an emotional and draining divorce she is out to discover who she really is and accomplish dreams deferred during the time of her marriage. With the help of Button she finds all those things and more as the summer progresses on.

Dawn Martin:  Dating one of Chicago's most eligible bachelor's and working hard to make partner at her firm this chick is definitely the "Lethal SophistiKat". All work and no play. .However the summer will bring about a change she hadn't anticipated.

  About the Author

Deanna Kimberly Burrell is a successful businesswoman, marketing maven, published author, and popular speaker. Her first book, Voted "Most Creative"- Perspectives on Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness, is a collection of poems and essays that inspire creativity, growth, and self-expression.

Single Girl Summer is her first novel and it's more than just a story of sophisticated friends having fun in the big city. Single Girl Summer is a celebration of women - yes, their strengths and weaknesses but more than that, their ability to pull themselves up by their designer bootstraps.

Once you pick this book up. .you WON'T be able to put it down. The campaign of "Single Girl Summer" is in FULL effect!! Red Cups, Peep Toe Sandals, and a Cupcake. .I am READY!!

The official kick off to SUMMER is only 2 weeks away but Deanna Burrell has us already amped.

This month we will have a Book Club "Pow Wow". There will be "Single Girl Summer" Tea and CUPCAKES!! Location and other details will be announced within the next week.

Please go purchase your copy today!! 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trigga is BACK

With his first single off the upcoming album "Chapter V". .Trigga aka "Mr. Steal Your Girl Is Back" and has my "Cocoa" Sister Kelly Rowland along for the ride in "Heart Attack"!!

I Love this VIDEO!! And I must say I am HAPPY to see some Cocoa as a "Leading Lady".
Go Head Miss Rowland. .Looking good Dahl!!

Trey just continues to "Do IT" for me. This man is so BaDD!! Glory. .
Enjoy ;")


Friday, May 4, 2012

ANOTHER SophistiKat "JAM of the Week"

Yeeeeesssss!! This is MY Jam!! I swear I kill it when this song comes on. .in my house or the car at least. .LoL!! So. .from my excitement you can see I've been waiting on the video to this song. MMG is doing their thing of course with the BOSS Ricky Rozay leading the pack.
Here is "Bag of Money" feat Wale and Meek Mill (Lawd. .Mmph. .That chocolate young man. .).
I'm waiting for the new album too. ."God Forgives. .I Don't". .That's a serious title but I'm sure the BOSS will come with it!!

Enjoy ;")

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SophistiKat "JAM of the Week"

With almost 5 MILLION views in 24 hours I would say that Rih Rih has the HOTTEST video for 2012!! This sistah came with it and is letting you know that she CLEARLY is staying on top of things. I must say that I am not the biggest Rihanna fan, but I love the song lyrically and the techno flare of the beat. Great job!!


SophistiKat "Drink of the Month"

So it's MAY. .and Summer is vastly approaching with all the Holidays we LOVE and FABness!!
I figured for this month's pick I would keep it simple. The items needed you can easily pick up at your local fresh produce stand (or as we call them "The Curb Market". .LoL) or your favorite grocer. It's a blend of fresh fruit, apple juice, and for the kick Rum.

So get ready. .Get set. .Relax and have a "May Day" Cocktail.

2 Ripe Peaches (pitted and roughly chopped)
1 part rum (Bacardi Passion Fruit, Pineapple, or Coconut)
4 Strawberries (cubed)
Flesh and Seeds of 2 Passion Fruit
4 oz Cloudy Apple Juice
1 Tbsp Superfine Sugar
2 tsp Grated Fresh Ginger
Crushed Ice
Apple Fans or Mint Leaves for garnish

Blend all the ingredients together with crushed ice.
Pour the mix equally into two highball glasses.
Garnish with An apple fan or Mint.

Enjoy ;")

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Think Like a Man

Out this Friday, April 20th is one of the most anticipated films of the Spring/Summer. .
"Think Like A Man" based on Steve Harvey's "New York Time" Best Seller "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man".

I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta premiere and let me tell you. .It was truly a Black carpet event. Many of the stars of the movie were present. .Regina Hall (so excited to see her BACK and in new projects), Terrance J (with his Boo Selita by his side!! Cute couple), Gabrielle Union (Looked gorgeous as usual rocking a staple color for the season Yellow), and of course the man himself Steve Harvey accompanied by his beautiful wife Marjorie. The movie is nothing short of AWESOME and has a little bit of something for everyone to relate too.

I received an invite at the last minute to come down but I did what all SophistiKats do. .Pulled it together and SHOWED out. (Pics to come soon)

I had a BLAST!! It was truly a blessing to attend the event. ATL truly "Showed UP and Showed OUT". Hopefully there will be plenty more premiere and star studded events such as this to grace the city and hopefully other cities in the South soon.

We need some things like this to occur in TENNESSEE ;")

In case you don't have a copy of the book visit Amazon and purchase your copy today

Check out the trailer and GO SEE the film Friday!!