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Monday Motivation

Living in this world can be the hardest challenge at times. I just wrote a little something for ALL my Sistah's this Morning. A little motivation. Even if your day is off to a great start and even if it's not. .we can all use this affirmation. I hope this lifts your spirits. I hope this adds to your joy.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Losing my grandmother to Breast Cancer and complications from a severe Stroke was one of the hardest things I've faced in my life. She battled the disease for over 6 years, had a single mastectomy (right breast), and see her cancer go into remission twice before returning for the last time.

Watching my mother take care of her day end and day out was truly life changing. My mother who is a RN (BSN) made sure that her every need was met. My mother is the epitome of what a daughter should be to her mother!! I remember the day she died vividly. I can still feel her hand in mine and see her smile. I remember my grandmothers doctor calling my mother after 3 am to tell her (us) to get to the hospital. Earlier that day my mother was able to recall having the BEST day ever with my grandmother. They had breakfast and lunch together. They later sat around filled with laughter/love as they talked about me, my cousins, and my aunt. One thing that was never a question was that she truly loved al…

Life. .Reflection

I knew this trip was coming up and I wouldn't be going with a team of people but with a new mission and purpose. All alone to share my testimony. I chose not to announce it, post where I was, or Go Live (on Facebook) No one knew but my Mother and a select few.

My Mother seems to always come up with the coolest ideas. I know a lot people who carry around precious items from their loved ones who have passed away. It's a way of keeping their spirit close. I wanted to carry things from the women in my family because without them, I wouldn't be who I am.  I think about how hard they worked, all the sacrifices they made, and I wanted to just feel them with me so that I knew I wasn't alone. My mother came up with pinning the rings of my grandmother and both my great grandmothers to the inside of my dress. 

My "Ugly Cry " moment came when I walked up to President Obama and he said to me "If you are what everyone in Chattanooga is like, then it must be an awesome c…

Monday Motivation

Monday had become one of the most dreaded days of the week. Why? For most it's a slap back into reality. That reality includes work, school (for those who are currently enrolled or those with children), and the realization that the weekend is OVER. LoL!! Some of us have coping mechanism to get us through until Friday and well. .some of us as they say simply just "Push Through".
The reality for a lot of us is that we may not be living up to what we feel is our  potential. Working a 9 to 5 or simply chasing a degree that won't satisfy every aspect of our creative being. That's a hard pill to swallow day in and day out. We deal with the reality of this in many ways. Some of us are even dealing with internal emotional, mental, and physical battles within due to this very thing. 
I myself have dealt with many levels of feeling that I don't have enough time in the world to fulfill all that I know I have been created to do. Many talents. Not enough time. Plus the fact…

Thrifty Finds

Back at it!!
I've Blogged about one of my FAVorite things to do and that is "Thrifting". Now "Thrifting" can be classified as many things shopping at Thrift Stores, Goodwill's, or Consignement/Resale Shops. Most of these places serve as a means of helping a certain Non Profit Organzation, don't want to to use EBay, Etsy, etc. or for those who simply don't have a way to sell their clothes
Today I'm excited to post a pic featuring one of my NOW favorite TShirts. While shopping at a local Thrift Store this Sunday (Sept 4) the cashier at the register told me about a "Free Container" full summer shirts. Now you don't have to tell me anything is FREE more than once for me to check things out. She told me to check it out and see if I found anything I liked.
I began to look and found a few things. But OH LET ME TELL YOU!! Low and behold I found a Jewel!! Straight from "Brooklyn Mint" a Notorious B.I.G. "Brooklyn's Finest&quo…

Throwback Thursday

Soooooooo. .EVERYbody knows I LOVE my mama!! She is such an inspiration on a daily basis for me and I am blessed to have her. Do you ever think about who you would be if it had not been for the love, guidance, and sacrifices of your parents? Especially your mother? Glory!!
Anywhoo. .yesterday my Mother had an awesome idea for what we affectionately call on Social Media "Throwback Thursday". I've always LOVED and tried to mimic my Mother's style. She along with my Godmother's and Aunt's were the epitome of Sophistication. They made their style their own but kept it polished and ON POINT.
Her idea was to recreate a photo that was taken of her back in the mid 70s. I would wear the same color pants, halter top, and accessories at the exact location she took the photo. (My mother's hair was also natural so that was a plus as well.)
Check it out!!

I've got to say that it turned out pretty cool with our twist on things. The duplex was right across the street fro…

We are WHY ❤️

How I became involved?

So many people ask why and how I became involved with the American Heart Association and honestly I just knocked on their door. My maternal lineage is riddled with Heart Disease and Stroke. My Uncle was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and needed a heart transplant in order to live. He wasn't able to get on the registry in time and unfortunately their were other factors in place that kept him from receiving the proper treatment that he should have received. He died at the age of 38 (I was 2).

My Grandmother was always a healthy and vibrant woman. Outside of having been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and being a Breast Cancer Survivor, their was nothing else wrong with her. One day she suffered 1 massive stroke and would later suffer from 2 mini strokes. Although she was able to have better care than my uncle which included physical and speech therapy she would die at the age 70 from complications (I was 10).

My Mother was diagnosed with Congestive He…


My mother told me over 13 years ago "You've got to put your tough skin on. Once you put it on, you won't be able to take it off. It will become your armor, your shield, and your protection. Everything won't work out. Everyone won't like you. Everyone won't support. No matter what things may look like. Never Quit. Keep moving forward".
 One of my favorite movies of all time is Mahogany. My mother purchased it for me when it finally came out on DVD around that same time. In the movie Tracey Chambers faces many challenges in her life, relationships, and career. However, no matter what she faced (including someone attempting to take her life), she never gave up and did what she had to do.

When we are being "moved" to what may seem like the "next level" in our lives, it will require more work, more faith, more patience, and more trust in not only ourselves but God. 

We may receive what seems to be the epitome of what God has for us and then we…


Hey Everyone!! It's a New YEAR and I'm still here. 
I haven't been active in a long time via this platform but have made a commitment to get back to it. .right here. .bringing you what I LOVE!! I started this blog over 5 years ago with the intent to create a platform for myself and a group of friends to share things we each enjoyed and were passionate about. 
This very platform has opened doors for me over the years that I couldn't imagine were possible.  (I had the vision but you know how it is when you are working ON the vision at the same time. Woo. .Child. .Glory!!) I am so grateful to those who have attended, sponsored, and provided support over these years for any "Sophisticate Chronicles" event. 
This year will be no different. In partnership with new Sponsors, Bloggers, and Pubic Figures this year will be BIGGER than ever!!
Thanks for all your support!! Lorean~*
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