Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today In Black History

Succession of suspicious fires and reports of slave conspiracies created hysteria in New York in March and April. Thirty-one slaves and five whites were executed.


Olaudah Equiano dies in London without ever getting to see Africa again.


Henry Ossian Flipper, the first African American graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, was born in Thomasville, Georgia. Enduring heavy racism during his schooling, Flipper went on to establish a military career. This was ended however after he was falsely accused of embezzling funds.


Jack Johnson Born: Mar. 31, 1878 Boxer controversial heavyweight champion (1908-15) and 1st black to hold title; defeated Tommy Burns for crown at age 30; fled to Europe in 1913 after Mann Act conviction; lost title to Jess Willard in Havana, but claimed to have taken a dive; pro record 78-8-12 with 45 KOs

President Hoover nominated Judge John J. Parker of North Carolina for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. The NAACP launched a national campaign against the appointment. Parker was not confirmed by the Senate.


Cab Calloway recorded "Minnie the Moocher"-the first jazz album to sell a million copies.


A. Phillip Randolph told Senate Armed Services Committee that unless segregation and discrimination were banned in draft programs he would urge Black youths to resist induction by civil disobedience.

Eighteen students suspended by Southern University. Southern Univerisity students rebelled March 31, boycotted classes and requested withdrawal slips. Rebellion collapsed after death of professor from heart attack.


Laurian Rugambwa of Tanzania becomes the first black Roman Catholic Cardinal.


Toni Morrison wins the Pulitzer Prize for her novel "Beloved"

First Lady On The Move

Our Fabulous First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a Mentoring event in Washington, D.C. yesterday visting Ballou High School  featuring some of the countries most established women in their prospective field. 
Lisa Leslie, Ledisi, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerri Washington. .
and the unconquerable Alfre Woodard and Judith Jamison. 

The Lifetime Network will will launch a public outreach program which will feature mentoring events and advertising campaigns across the country. the "Remarkable Women" dinner last night the White House.

Later in the Evening First Lady Obama Hosted the "Remarkable Women" dinner in the East room of the White House. This dinner was held in honor of "Women's History Month" and the guest (mostly women) ranged from prominent Doctors, Politicians, Musicians, Journalist, and Athletes.

Miri Ben-Ari

Dominique Dawes

For more information on Lifetime (networks, community initiatives, and more) 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 First* Date Commandments

Unlike the years prior to 1980, dating nowadays is not exclusively done with the intention of marriage. Some of us date just for fun, some methodically for personality development, others do it for. . Let’s face it, some do it for a lil’ action. (Studies show up to 30% of people seek sex on first date.) All that said, just like our parents and our parents’ parents, the majority of us specifically date with the intention of finding a partner for a monogamous, long-term commitment. What’s most interesting to me is that while the search for a spouse is one of the most important endeavors in our lives, there are no structured ways to hone your dating skills – there are no ‘dating classes,’ you can’t get a degree in ‘dateology,’ and while some of our parents shared the stories of the birds and the bees, few gave us real lessons of effective dating. The dos and don’ts of dating, especially first date dating is so important, Here is a list of 10 First* Date Commandments. .

1. Don't Be Late

"I was held up at work, I was stuck in traffic, I operate on C.P. time". .NO excuse works!! We show how much we care for each other by our timeliness.

2. Observe How They Act with Strangers

Is he rude to the taxi driver? Does he give drill sergeant orders to the waitress? Does he have a hard time keeping his eyes off the woman sitting next to you? How he acts with people he does not know is a window to how he could act with you in the future.

3. Don't Talk About Sex

It makes you look ‘Superhead’ loose. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you bring it up, most men will entertain the topic but you’ll put yourself closer to the “booty call” basket versus the “this could be the mother of my kids” basket.

4. Don't Talk About Your EX

There is nothing positive that results from this. Mentioning your ex-lover(s) makes you appear obsessed or insecure with unfinished business from the last relationship. Don’t be surprised if the date ends early if you break this commandment.

5. Don't Drink To Much

Everyone has a limit, stay under it. I know it’s tempting to throw a few back, especially with the anxiety a first date brings, but being sloppy drunk makes you less attractive.

6. Don't Lie

This includes no ‘E’ (exaggerations). Yes, dating is a game but cheating doesn’t help you win.

7. If He Doesn't Offer to Pay. .He's A Loser

We need to retire the question of "Does a man pay on the first date?" The bottom line is that REAL men pay!! Point Blank PERIOD

8. Let Him Leave With Wanting More

If you’re having a great time, I understand the desire to let the date extend and extend, but please draw the line. The very essence of romance is uncertainty. .Give them uncertainty.

9. It's Just A Date. .So Try To Have FUN

With any endeavor in life, never lose a second of your time to regret. Whether you feel you’ve found Mr. Right or your first date is with Mr. Can’t Be More Wrong, stay positive, enjoy the company and the activity –- you’re not getting that time back, so make the best of it.

10. Chivalry Is Not Dead. .Expect IT

Being a gentleman has never gone out of style. Chivalrous men exist everywhere. There is so much discussion about "not settling" here’s one category where it applies perfectly. However, if he doesn’t open the door for you, this isn’t cause to write him off if all other signs are good. Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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5* Hottest Fragrances for Spring 2011

What is more alluring and sexy than a woman that smells great.
Your choice of scent is apart of your identity. Where ever you are or have been. .you leave a trail behind. .Your stamp that says. ."I was here". 
Most women have that 1 special fragrance, others have more than 1 (most of the time 1 for each season of the year). 
Well our duty here is to keep all of our SophistiKats up to date on everything. 
Here are the 5* Hottest Fragrances for Spring 2011. .According to US!!

This scent possesses a blend of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli, blush peach, honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon, crcme de musk, sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber.

"Envy Me"
This dazzling blend of sensual peony, jasmine, and pink pepper is melded with notes of sweet litchi and effervescent pomegranate and pineapple, and smoothed with soothing musk, white tea, and warm woods. 

Victoria's Secret 
"Sexy Little Things: Noir"

This is an enchanting blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid.

Sweetly scented jasmine and gardenia mingle with fresh cucumber and candied rose petals in a pretty, lighthearted fragrance. 

Halle Berry 
This is a modern and sensuous woody oriental with a heart of luminous mimosa and top notes of pear blossom, bergamot, and fig leaf.

SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

Keri Hilson is back with her next single featuring none other than now Blonde Headed Heartthrob
C. Breezy "One Night Stand". .It's most definitely a Banger. .and Hot!!


Today In Black History

W. J. Ballow Combined Hatrack and Table Mar. 29, 1898 Patent No. 601,422


Singer Pearl Bailey was born in Newport News, Virginia.


Basketball legend Walt Frazier was born in Atlanta, Georgia. With his Rolls Royce car, flamboyant wardrobe that featured knee-length fur coats, and stylish fedora hats, Walt Frazier was the toast of New York City as a member of the Knicks from 1967 to 1977. On the court, Frazier was "super cool." His quick hands on defense combined with his calm, cool and collected demeanor on the court, earned him the nickname "Clyde." The cornerstone of the Knicks teams for a decade, Frazier first caught the attention of pro scouts while playing at Southern Illinois University. A Division II All-America in 1964 and 1965 and a Division I All-America in 1967, Frazier led the Salukis to the 1967 NIT championship and was named Tournament MVP. Frazier was the first-round choice of the Knicks in the 1967 NBA draft, and earned NBA All-Rookie honors. Frazier's smooth play electrified crowds at Madison Square Garden. His offensive repertoire was a blend of smooth drives to the bucket and mid-range jump shots that burned opponents for 15,581 points (18.9 ppg) during his career. Even with an All-Star cast, Frazier led the Knicks in scoring five times. An adept passer, Frazier dished out 5,040 assists during his career (6.1 apg) and led the Knicks in assists 10 straight years. Many of those passes were directed to fellow Hall of Famers Willis Reed, Bill Bradley, Dave DeBusschere, Jerry Lucas and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. Frazier, Reed, Bradley and DeBusschere copped the 1970 NBA title, and with the addition of Lucas and Monroe, 
the Knicks repeated in 1973.


Football star Earl Campbell was born in Tyler, Texas.


Barthelemy Boganda, President and founder of the Central African Republic, dies in a plane crash.


Students seized building at Bowie State College.


Death of Eric Williams (79), Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, in Port of Spain. Dr. Williams was also a historian and the author of the classic work, Capitalism and Slavery.

The beginning of a two trek to Tanzania by thousands of Rwandan refugees fleeing the violence in Burundi

On March 29, 1991 a UN programme to feed two million Angolans resumes after the Government lifts a three-month ban on deliveries.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pucker Up: Fruit Punch Inspired Trends for Spring

After a season of high-drama eyes, bold lips are back for Spring!!
 From red carpets to runways, the stars are rocking lip colors in fruit punch inspired shades like Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon. 
The best part? Whether it's a stain, lipstick, or high-voltage gloss these luscious hues look fabulous with brown skin. Here is a roundup of our favorite hot-lipped A-listers.


Keyshia Cole

Keri Hilson


Meagan Good

LeToya Luckett

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Today In Black History


In 1947 James Baskett (1904-1948) was given a Special Academy Award for his part in Disney's "Song Of The South". He was the second American of African decent to receive an Academy Award. Baskett was also the first American of African decent hired by Disney. Unfortunately Baskett was unable to attend the premiere in Atlanta because he was unable to get accommodations.


Sharpesville Massacre in apartheid South Africa in which white police killed 67 Blacks and wounded 186.

The first lunch counters were integrated in San Antonio, Texas.


The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leads thousands of people on a 54 mile march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama to call for voting rights for African Americans.


Walter White dies at the age of 61 in New York City. Roy Willkins succeeded him as NAACP executive, April 11.


The History of Namibia The country has ever since that historical day; 21 March 1990 enjoyed peace, stability and progress in many ways. Namibia is also known as the smile of Africa because, of its geographical position and the friendliness and warmth of its citizens. Currently the country has a population of 1.7 million and covers an area of approximately 824,269 square km. The country is divided into 13 regions. Namibia is a very diverse country with breathtaking landscapes from the Orange River, bordering South Africa up to the Okavango, the Kunene and the Zambezi in the North and North East respectively, all flowing rivers throughout the year and being the natural borders of Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. In the heart of this beautiful country lies the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. As the country itself, Windhoek was at one stage first occupied by Germany and then by South Africa. Namibia was a German protectorate from 1884 till 1915, when South Africa defeated the German colonial troops in the first year of the First World War. Throughout the years of being a protectorate, many Namibians lost their lives trying to fight the colonisers, the Germans as well as the South Africans. Out of that struggle many historically famous people were born and historical battles were fought. Hendrik Witbooi fought the Germans as early as 1880's, 90's and then again in 1904-07 uprising. On the other hand, Samuel Maharero declared war on the Germans in 1904. Other famous resistors were, Jakob Marengo, Simon Kooper and Mandume who became king of the Kwanyama in 1911 as a teenager and died at an early age fighting against the Portuguese and then against the South Africans. Today Hendrik Witbooi because of his many achievements and historical significance was honoured by getting a street called after him and being printed on Namibia's currency.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Today In Black History


Birthday of Ralph Waldo Tyler, journalist, Auditor-General of the Navy and World War I foreign correspondent. Te oldest of 12 children, Tyler is believed to have been born in Ohio. He attended elementary and high schools in Columbus, Ohio, studied a year in Baldwin,Missouri, and began teaching school at age 19. Tyler taught himself shorthand while working as a janitor at the "Columbus Evening Dispatch." He later was given an opportunity to prove his reporting ability. Tyler worked in circulation, business and news departments of the paper and as an assistant to the manager and secretary to the owner. He became successful as a society reporter. He was the first African American foreign war correspondent and the only accredited African American correspondent in World War I. Both African American and White newspapers carried Tyler's stories. He died in 1921.


President Hayes appointed Frederick Douglass marshal of District of Columbia.


President Roosevelt appointed a committee, including Emmet J. Scott, to investigate disturbances in Liberia.


Unita Blackwell was born this day in Lula, Mississippi. She became the first black woman mayor elected in Mississippi.


Country and western singer Charlie Pride was born in Sledge, Mississippi.

1947 *

R&B singer Wilson Pickett is born in Prattville, Alabama.


Actress-singer-songwriter Irene Cara is born in New York City


Actress-singer and the first black Miss America Vanessa L. Williams is born in Millwood, New York.


The USS Jesse L. Brown, the first U.S. naval ship to be named after an African American naval officer is launched.