Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Life. .Reflection

I knew this trip was coming up and I wouldn't be going with a team of people but with a new mission and purpose. All alone to share my testimony. I chose not to announce it, post where I was, or Go Live (on Facebook) No one knew but my Mother and a select few.

My Mother seems to always come up with the coolest ideas. I know a lot people who carry around precious items from their loved ones who have passed away. It's a way of keeping their spirit close. I wanted to carry things from the women in my family because without them, I wouldn't be who I am. 
I think about how hard they worked, all the sacrifices they made, and I wanted to just feel them with me so that I knew I wasn't alone. My mother came up with pinning the rings of my grandmother and both my great grandmothers to the inside of my dress. 

My "Ugly Cry " moment came when I walked up to President Obama and he said to me "If you are what everyone in Chattanooga is like, then it must be an awesome city". That meant a lot because there are many of us who struggle each day to do our part, stay in our own lane, and its ALL for the betterment and LOVE  for our respective city/state. Sometimes it's received with positivity and sometimes it's not. No matter what, it's moments like this that make all you do from your heart worth it. One thing that will always be known is that I was born and made in Chattanooga, TN. That will never change.

I told my mother I immediately started to cry. It shook me to my core. I remember sitting across from my great grandmother at her dinning room table as she glanced at the cover of Essence. 

(I found the magazine in her bedroom after she died and now I have it at home with me)

She was so overjoyed to see not only a man of African descent as president but the fact that it was a mere possibility that became a reality. She said "Look at them Tina. I never would have imagined".

Today is my last day of being 32. It has been a year of heartache, getting over my fears, having my life flash before my eyes, accepting every part of me for me, and preparing for the next phase. I have been tested in EVERY way imaginable and a lot of the time I thought that I wouldn't make it through. Life can be truly overwhelming at times. September has come with more challenges (I feel like I've been crying the whole month) and life changes but we all must look back and apply the knowledge we have gained to move forward. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would be where I am today. What I wanted to do/have in life is the total opposite of what God chose to do with me. I still have a long way to go in areas of my life too. More Goals. More dreams. More knowledge to obtain. More work on me to be a better person/mother/daughter/wife/friend/family member/world changer. We will all continue to be "works in progress" until our time on this earth is done.

I leave you with this. .
Take life one day at a time. 
Treat and accept people for who they are with love and respect. 
Appreciate your family/friends/tribe who always love, support, have your best interest, and most importantly have your back no matter what. 
Be the best YOU each and every single day. 
Love yourself.
Help your fellow brother/sister in the best way that you can. 
Live and know that your life isn't in vain. Be a light and rock to the children in your life or the ones you come in contact with because they need us in every way for their dreams to become a reality. 
Be proud of all that you overcome and accomplish. 
Have Faith. 
Trust God. 
Never stop believing.Lorean~*
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Motivation

Monday had become one of the most dreaded days of the week. Why? For most it's a slap back into reality. That reality includes work, school (for those who are currently enrolled or those with children), and the realization that the weekend is OVER. LoL!! Some of us have coping mechanism to get us through until Friday and well. .some of us as they say simply just "Push Through".

The reality for a lot of us is that we may not be living up to what we feel is our  potential. Working a 9 to 5 or simply chasing a degree that won't satisfy every aspect of our creative being. That's a hard pill to swallow day in and day out. We deal with the reality of this in many ways. Some of us are even dealing with internal emotional, mental, and physical battles within due to this very thing. 

I myself have dealt with many levels of feeling that I don't have enough time in the world to fulfill all that I know I have been created to do. Many talents. Not enough time. Plus the fact that everyone doesn't understand what it's like to be multi talented aka "have more than one passion you are in pursuit of". It hurts more than anything for people to put you down and not be open to understanding how/what you were created to do. 

One thing that I have faith in and know is that EVEN in the darkest of times your purpose is still in tact. The most high  God has set us apart because we are not meant to be carbon copies of one another but to be authentic individuals. Your individuality is what you have to become comfortable with and take pride in. The life that has been designed strictly for you may come with similarities to others and that is simply for us to be able to relate (empathize) accordingly. If we were all out here to do the same thing, this world wouldn't be what it is today. Our work and purpose is designed to magnify, exhibit, and show what/who God is on this earth daily. We must rejoice in being set apart and know that in every aspect of our lives love, career, family, etc. everything that is for us is already set aside for us. Be prepared for what discernment reveals and trust that what God has for you is for you. 
The very things that I have said in this post today are the very things I (my mom and SisterFriends) have to remind me of on a daily basis. It's hard sometimes out here but we have to trust and simply believe.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Thrifty Finds

Back at it!!

I've Blogged about one of my FAVorite things to do and that is "Thrifting". Now "Thrifting" can be classified as many things shopping at Thrift Stores, Goodwill's, or Consignement/Resale Shops. Most of these places serve as a means of helping a certain Non Profit Organzation, don't want to to use EBay, Etsy, etc. or for those who simply don't have a way to sell their clothes

Today I'm excited to post a pic featuring one of my NOW favorite TShirts.
While shopping at a local Thrift Store this Sunday (Sept 4) the cashier at the register told me about a "Free Container" full summer shirts. Now you don't have to tell me anything is FREE more than once for me to check things out. She told me to check it out and see if I found anything I liked.

I began to look and found a few things. But OH LET ME TELL YOU!! Low and behold I found a Jewel!! Straight from "Brooklyn Mint" a Notorious B.I.G. "Brooklyn's Finest" graphic tee!! When I tell you I let out a scream. .I did. I am an ALL out Biggie and Bad Boy fan (Super excited to check out the reunion tour). I took it to the register because I really wasn't that sure if it had been misplaced or if it REALLY and truly was free. I literally screamed when she said it indeed was free too.  Even my Mama was excited. 

I decided to rock it today!! I kept it very sophisticated but casual. I paired my new tee with Express Platform Black Wedges $3.00 and Seven Jeans $6 (TJMaxx).

My whole outfit only cost $9. When I tell you that is what I love MOST about thrifting. It's nothing like feeling confident and looking good for less!!  

Check back  and keep up with my Thrifty Find Chronicles 😉

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