Saturday, April 23, 2011

"For Better or Worse" Tyler Perry's NEW Show

For all you Tyler Perry Fans. .He is not only back with a new movie but with plans for a new sitcom!!

The characters from Perry's "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?" will be back. .but with a TWIST!!

The new show "For Better or Worse" scheduled to hit TBS later this year will be centered around 
a group of college best friends as they deal with life’s issues: 

Carl and Leslie: 
A beautiful, happily married couple who want their friends to be as happy as they are

A TV sportscaster who has a volatile yet comedic relationship with his wife, Michelle, a hair salon owner

Janice: A therapist married to a sharp, ambitious lawyer, Jordan, who’s trying to keep his secrets secret.

Well we can't wait to see what's in store from this show and it's characters. .
Because we all know how the movies were. .Plenty of Laughter and Drama!!

Jumping the Broom Trailer In Theaters May 6

"Jumping The Broom" in theaters May 6 features an ALL STAR* cast. .
Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Paula Patton, Mike Epps, Laz Alonzo, Tasha Smith, Megan Good, and the list goes on!!

For more information on the movie or to purchase tickets at a theater near you visit

We are excited and can't wait!!

How to Beat the "Fadeaway" Break Up

We're sure you've heard this one before: one day you're dating, all is well, and then the next minute your significant other stops calling. No texts. No visits, hellos, or goodbyes.  
Weeks turn into months, the relationship quietly crumbles, and your still wondering why. 
If you've been here before, don't panic - you're not alone. 
Here's a quick guide to help you beat "the fadeaway breakup,"aka when your partner pulls a disappearing act. . . .

Here are 3 reasons for the "fadeaway breakup" as reported by 

1. "I Didn't Want to Hurt Your Feelings." 
Remember grandma's old "if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all" mantra? Well, believe it or not, some people apply this logic to relationships. Many partners believe saying nothing is better than starting a hurtful uproar so they disappear, without a word or trace. 

2. "I'm Scared, I'm Freaked Out."
Although unlikely, another possible reason a person can pull a "fadeaway" is because they were startled by something that happened between the two of you. For example, dropping the four-lettered L-bomb too early in the relationship or even a more embarrassing problem in bed could cause a person to distance themselves. This often happens in newer, casual relationships. 

3. "I don't know what else to say: I'm just a coward." 
While we love to give people the benefit of the doubt, if you've been a victim of fadeaway, your partner was probably a coward. More often than not,  incommunicado endings are normally ways to avoid saying what you feel. Some people circumvent awkward conversations by taking the back-door approach: I won't speak my mind, I'll just simply stop responding. This is not only hurtful but a sign of weakness and you're probably better off without them!

So what to do now? If you think you've suffered from a 'fadeaway,' spend some time really appreciating you (relaxing, going to the gym, a night out with your girls, etc.). Give yourself time to let go of your previous partner and eventually "move on to someone who has more courtesy and respect for your feelings" and remember, recognizing the problem is half the battle so you're already on your way. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

5* Signs That You’ve Met Your Perfect Match

Written by:  Amy Spencer for on Yahoo!

Wonder if this one’s The One? Below are some telltale tip-offs you two are headed for happily ever after — plus, five clear-cut clues that spell bad news.

First, the good news: You’re headed toward happily ever after if. . .

1. You discover quirky things you have in common
It’s one thing to discover you both like the new Coldplay album. It’s another to discover your tastes or habits jibe in more surprising ways. “What confuses people is that they think they’re a match because they have things in common that many people have in common, like favorite books or songs, so they’re fooled into thinking they’re on the same wavelength,” says Sam R. Hamburg, Ph.D., author of Will Our Love Last? “The more uncommon and surprising your similarities are, the better.” That was definitely the case for one Rochester, NY dater named Patrick McAvoy. “I have this weird habit of belting out what I’m doing in song, so when I started dating Bethany, one morning I started singing ‘Here I am, in the shower...’ to the tune of Jesus Christ Superstar,” recalls the 29-year-old. “When she started singing back, making up more words to the same tune, I couldn’t believe it! I knew it would work out.” And it has for three years so far.

2. Neither of you flinch when the future comes up
It’s a new-couple nightmare: One of you blurts out something like, “Ooh, next summer we should go to Greece” and then freezes, fearing the other person will think, “Next year? We don’t even know if we’ll make it to next month!” But if you and your date don’t bat an eye or better, smile and agree you’ve successfully crossed a crucial divide. “It’s a sign that you both feel stable in the relationship,” says Sharyn Wolf, author of So You Want To Get Married: Guerilla Tactics For Turning A Date Into A Mate. So while we don’t suggest making plans with your date for next Christmas, take careful notes on what happens if you do mention some advance planning.

3. It’s super-important that your friends like your new partner
You thought introducing your date to your parents was the ultimate test? On the contrary, introducing him or her to your friends is even more pivotal. That’s because while you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends, so they reflect the person you’ve become over the years. So if you find yourself prepping your pals about someone you’d “really like them to meet,” it’s a sign you’re seeing this relationship as more than just a fling. “When I introduced my girlfriend Yvi to my friends, I was completely nervous beforehand because we were from such different worlds — she was a Hispanic girl from Newark, and I was a banker from the Jersey shore,” says Dave Koczan-Santiago. “And truthfully, things didn’t click right away. But when I realized how important it was to me that they all like each other, I knew the relationship was a bigger deal to me than I even thought it was. Now here we are, 10 years later, happily married.”

5. You constantly stumble across things you want to share
Most couples will exchange a few “thinking of you” phone calls or emails when they’re apart. But if you can’t walk down the street without tripping over some funny story to tell later or can’t leave a store without thinking at least once, “Oh, my sweetie would love that…” then things are rosy indeed. Basically, it’s a sign that while you may not realize you’re thinking about your date, you are and just can’t help it, explains Wolf.

Amy Spencer is a free lance writer based in New York City. She has contributed to Glamour, Maxim, New York and Real Simple.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

 Mr. Radio Raheem Devaughn is BACK at it AGAIN. . . .
With his seductive song and video
"Breath" off of his First Studio album "The Love Experience"
(recently featured on his mixtape "Heemy Taught Me")
 Ladies. .Trust!!
 You will probably take a couple of breaths and even faint after watching this new video. LoL!!
ENJOY!!!! ;-)

Big Sean ft Chris Brown "My Last"

After reading Big Sean's interview with Necole Bitchie, we just had to post his video to the blog. Enjoy!

Big Sean's Exclusive Bitchie Interview

Last night while on twitter we came across one of Necole Bitchie's tweets that included a link giving access to an interview she had with Detroit's uprising rapper, Big Sean. He is currently signed with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. music label. During the interview, Big Sean tells how he got discovered by Kanye West, getting signed to Kanye's label, his upcoming album, and what he looks for in a woman.

Once we got to the part of the interview where he describes the type of qualities he looks for in a woman, we were in awe. Here's some of the qualities on his list:

Necole Bitchie: What are the qualities you look for in a woman?

Big Sean: I want somebody who has f**king goals, somebody who knows what they’re going to do. I got a life coach that teaches me ways to make life easier. One of the things they taught me was clarity is power. So if you’re clear about something and write your sh*t down, stuff you want to do—it’s clarity. It turns me on when a girl has goals and sh*t.

Necole Bitchie: Outside of a woman having goals and ambitions, what are the qualities you are looking for in Ms. Right?

Big Sean: I know this sounds shallow, but somebody that you are physically attracted to.  Somebody you can see yourself waking up to forever– someone you can grow old with. When you are wrinkled, you can look at them and be like ‘damn, I love you’. It has to be a girl you wouldn’t mind having and raising kids with. You don’t want no ghetto ass, hoodrat raising your kids.

Seems as if this young man has a good head on his shoulders and knows exactly what he wants. Love that in a man. We see ya Big Sean!

The full interview can be viewed at this link:

Tyler Perry's Movie Opens in Theaters Tomorrow

After weeks of anticipation and viewing movie previews on our televisions screens, Madea's Big Happy Family will finally be opening in theaters tomorrow. The movie features some of the following actors/ actresses: Tyler Perry, Lauren London, Teyana Taylor, Bow Wow, and Loretta Devine. Check out the movie snippet below:

We can't wait to see this one!

Lauren London on RollingOut

The beautiful Lauren London made this week's cover of This is only a taste of what she gives to RollingOut:

Girlfriend looks good. She's the hottest mommy we've ever seen, and it is obvious that she bounced back after having that baby. Go girl!

This issue of RollingOut not only includes photos of Lauren, but it also gives a full interview with her as well. In her interview, she talks about people's perception of her, gives some of her beauty tips, talks about her career, and speaks on motherhood.

To view more photos, and Lauren London's interview in it's entirety, click the link below:


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toya on the Cover of RollingOut

One of our FAVorite "SophistiKats" is gracing the May 2011 cover of 
ROLLING OUT Magazine and looking GORGEOUS in Gold. .
None other than 
Antonia "Toya" Carter. 
With the #1 Reality Show on BET right now "Toya: A Family Affair" 
this Lady is definitely doing her THANG!!

Oh. .and lets not forget her book
 "Priceless Inspirations"

Order your copy from Amazon today at:

Today In Black History

Black and white Minutemen fought British Soldiers at Lexington and Concord.

On April 19, 1866, the African American citizens of Washington D.C. celebrated the abolition of slavery. 4,000 to 5,000 people assembled to the White House addressed by Andrew Johnson.
 Led by two black regiments the spectators, and the procession proceeded up the Pennsylvania Avenue to Franklin Square for religious services and speeched by prominent politicians. 
The sign on top of the platform read: "We have received our civil rights. Give us the right of suffrage and the work is done."

Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American major league baseball player

Home of Z. Alexander Looby, counsel for 153 students arrested in sit-in demonstrations, destroyed by dynamite bomb. 
More than eighty-three demonstrators indicted in Atlanta, Georgia, on charges stemming from the sit-in demonstrations at Atlanta restaurants. 
Two thousand students marched on the Nashville City Hall in protest. 
One hundred Black students, carrying rifles and shotguns, seized the Student Building at Cornell University to protest University "racism."

National Education Association study revealed that Blacks had lost thirty thousand teaching jobs since 1954 in seventeen Southern and Border states because of discrimination and desegregation.

Walter Fauntroy takes office as the first elected Congressional representative from the District of Columbia since Reconstruction.

Alex Haley receives a special Pulitzer Prize for Roots.

Max Robinson is the first African American to anchor network news. The network is ABC.

Republic Day in Sierra Leone.

Love and Hip Hop's Olivia on the Rise

Another Lady of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop" Olivia has released the Official video for her upcoming single "December". Olivia has been in the industry for some years now but seems to be motivated NOW more than ever before to prove that she is worthy and here to stay.

The lyrical content of the song is on point with most women have dealt with at the hands of a lot of men. .The Promises. .Lies. .and Being the Other Woman.

Hot Song. .Can't wait to see what else this Diva has to offer.

Jill Scott is BACK

A BEAUTIFUL Ray of Sunshine is on the horizon!!
That's RIGHT the beautiful DIVA, JILL SCOTT, is making her way BACK on the scene with her NEW studio Album. ."The Light of the Sun".
Her latest single, "Shame" features Eve and "THE A Group", and boy....are they BAAAD!!!
These ladies are on top of their "A GAME", FOR SURE.
The natives of Philly not only represent for their city, they represent for hip hop, as well as Black women, in this video.
As far as the WOMEN of the "THE A GAME"... Ladies, U BETTER WORK IT!!! ;-)

In the words of Jill Scott, "Its a SHAME... you're MISSING OUT on a GOOD thang!!!" #TRUEstatement

Friday, April 15, 2011

Today In Black History


The California Fugitive Slave Law, introduced earlier by state Senator Henry A. Crabb, was adopted by the State Legislature. It authorized any slave owner claiming a runaway to obtain warrant for the slave's arrest.


President Lincoln called for 75,000 troops to put down the rebellion. Lincoln administration rejected Black volunteers. For almost two years straight Black Americans fought for the right, as one humorist put it, "to be kilt".


Death of Abraham Lincoln, Washington.


Asa Philip Randolph, founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, was born in Crescent City, Florida


Lithographer and sculptor Elizabeth Catlett was born in Washington, DC. Catlett was the first woman to teach sculpture at the School of Fine Arts, National Autonomous University of Mexico.


African Freedom Day is declared at the All-African People's Conference in Accra, Ghana.


Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee organized by young activists at a meeting on the Shaw University campus.


Thomas W. Turner founder of the Federation of Colored Catholics and charter member of the NAACP dies at age 101


Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns wins the World Middleweight title. This is one of five weight classes that he has won a boxing title making him the first Black to win boxing titles in five different weight classes.


South Africa's "truth commission", looking into abuses during the apartheid era, began its public hearings.

Love and Hip Hop's Somaya Reece

Straight from VH1's"Love and Hip Hop" 
Somaya Reece has released the video for her song "Would You Still Love Me".
Originally she took the track to Jim Jones for review and for him to hop on the track. .at the end of the day it was her Ex Boyfriend and West Coast Rapper "XO" who made the track.

Honestly WE love the beat and lyrics. .she could use a little work in reference to her flow (delivery). .but we label this one as a "SophistiKat Banger"!!

Do you THANG Ms. Reece!!

Let us know what you think ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabulous vs Tragedy

On Monday night's episode of Beverly Hills Fabulous; Sean went toe to toe with a tranny and it got real gutter.

Click the link below to view the footage:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

Radio Raheem is BACK!!!
With his recent video promoting his LATEST MIXTAPE,  "Heemy Taught Me".
Raheeem DeVaughn pays respect to his fans and twitter followers in this video.
This says ALOT about his character, considering he's always responding back to his twitter fan base, on the social website.
KEEP doing your thing!!! We support you, forever and a day!!! ;-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

Mary J is back with a HOTT new single featuring Diddy and Lil Wayne "Someone to Love Me".
Looks like we are getting a little of the Old Mary in the New Joint. .Do your thang Queen!!

Today In Black History


By 1816 there were several African Methodist Churches around the country and that year they met to form the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church. 
On April 11, 1816 Richard Allen was named the first bishop of this church.


President Lincoln recommended suffrage for Black veterans and Blacks.


Spelman College, an institution sponsored by John D. Rockefeller's family, opened for Negro women in Atlanta, Georgia. It became the "Radcliffe and the Sarah Lawrence of Negro education."


Chemist Percy Julian born in Montgomery, Alabama. Julian studied at DePauwm, Fisk, Harvard and Vienna (Germany) Universities. 
In his lifetime he discovered several synthetic substances including one that made paint water-tight, cortisone and a fire suppressing foam.


Harlem voters defied Congress and re-elected Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr.


President Johnson signed a bill. This bill also made it a crime to interfere with civil rights workers and to cross state lines to incite a riot.


President Johnson signed a the 1968 Housing Act which outlawed discrimination in the sale, rental or leasing of housing. 
This bill also made it a crime to interfere with civil rights workers and to cross state lines to incite a riot.


Benjamin L. Hooks, a Memphis lawyer-minister, becomes the first African American named to the Federal Communications Commission.


Willie D. Burton becomes the first African American to win the Oscar for sound, for the movie Bird.


The new Museum of African American History opened in Detroit. 
It is the largest of its kind in the world.

10 Underrated Men. .And Why You Should Date Them

Written for by Paul Carrick Brunson 

The availability of single men is largely about math. 
If there are 10 single men at a party and you disqualify 9 of them, your probability of meeting Mr. Right shrinks to below 10% (the reason it’s ‘below’ is because, don’t forget, he needs to not disqualify you). When you take this same concept and apply it to our daily lives, the result is that very few women meet and then, subsequently, date men.  
The average number of dates my female clients have before working with me is 3-5 per year (and I’m beginning to think this is the rule and not the exception). 

To increase the number of men you date, there are 2 basic things you can do: 
1) Expand your social circles.
 2) Open your mind to new men. 
 Today we’re focusing on #2 – the following list includes the 10 types of men most women disqualify and I suggest taking a second look.

Under 5'5" Guys

Height is the number one request I hear from my female clients, with the average request coming in at 6 feet. But, those same clients are surprised to know that only 14 percent of men in the U.S. meet or exceed that clearance level. Height is sought for the feeling of masculinity it embodies. However, masculinity is the combination of physical prowess (height is only a portion of this component), courage, and honor – he may be vertically challenged, but if he makes up for it in other areas, this guy is a keeper! 

Introverted Guys

Height is the number one request I hear from my female clients, with the average request coming in at 6 feet. But, those same clients are surprised to know that only 14 percent of men in the U.S. meet or exceed that clearance level. Height is sought for the feeling of masculinity it embodies. However, masculinity is the combination of physical prowess (height is only a portion of this component), courage, and honor – he may be vertically challenged, but if he makes up for it in other areas, this guy is a keeper! 

NO Flava (Swag) Guys

I’m calling out my cousins as well as wife’s friends (sorry, ladies!) on this one. I always hear about a guy who’s been tossed aside because he doesn’t know why the bottom of your shoes are red, his suits aren’t bespoke, and he’s too nice.  The “He’s a cornball” excuse can only last so long. Having "Flava" or "Swag" says NOTHING about what’s most important, the husband he will be and also the father he will be to your children. "Flava" or "Swag" is like sprinkles on a Hot doughnut from Krispy Kreme. .Nice but NOT necessary.

Non-Black Guys

You won’t find a stronger advocate for Black marriage than me (the core reason for founding my matchmaking company).  But, the idea of not “dating out” because you’re afraid of what your friends and family will say when you bring him to the 4th of July barbecue is unfair to your search for love.  Don’t be afraid to bring home a White boy!

Mamma's Boy Guys

I moderate a popular twitter show called Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesday where I match a bachelor or bachelorette with a date.  I’ve never seen a faster demise of a bachelor than when one said he was a Mamma’s boy. What’s ironic is that a man’s relationship with his mother is often indicative of how he will treat his wife. Give these guys another chance…

Long Distance Guys

Most people look for someone within 25 miles of their home. Thinking they will see them frequently. However, what’s interesting is that most of us married folk see our spouses less than 20 hours per week (given long work days, travel, etc). As long as planes fly, I’m for dating everywhere. DON'T let distance stop you. Most of us would relocate for career or education so why not extend the same thought for love?

Unemployed Guys

The state of our economy has forced a lot of great guys into involuntary unemployment.  He may not have a job today, but tomorrow he may be the VP at a Fortune 500 company.  If his values match your own and you can determine that he has strong drive and determination, see this guy through the tough times and better days will be ahead.

Too Old/Too Young Guys

How many times have you said you won’t date anyone more than 5 years older or younger than you (or some variation of this)?  We must remove the mental tags from age requirements in dating. If we want someone that can “relate” to us, a number won’t necessarily determine that. Put down your boundaries and plenty of new potential will open up (as long as you’re not scouring school grounds!)

Man Boob Guys

My favorite line from a client was that she refuses to date someone with “a cup size bigger than her own.” From my research, being heavy is the second most undesirable trait in a man (right under being short – no pun intended). Let’s face it, we’re a nation of overweight people trying to lose weight. If health and fitness are a part of your lifestyle, chances are he’ll adopt some of your healthy habits. My wife and I motivate each other with fitness challenges. Friendly competition can yield sweet rewards!

Cave Man Guys

Now some of the points made about the different variations of men are on point. .However as women. .We know what WE WANT. .and What WE can Handle. This was most definitely a good read. .and if need be. .great for taking a few mental notes in reference to dating NOW!! The SophistiKats

Check out Paul Carrick Brunson 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Today In Black History

Ruth Gaines-Shelton. African- American Playwright born at Glasgow, MO. 
Best known for prize winning comedy The Church Fight, which was published in Crisis 
(a publication of NAACP) in May of 1926.


Carmen McRae Born April 8, 1920. After winning an amateur contest at Harlem's legendary Apollo Theatre in her hometown New York City, McRae went on to become a noted jazz singer with Earl Hines, Mercer "Duke" Ellington and Benny Carter bands among others and recording more than 20 albums. She Died Nov. 10, 1994 in Beverly Hills, Ca.


Joe "King" Oliver
 Cornetist, Bandleader, and mentor to Louis Armstrong, dies


Christopher Darden was born April 8, 1956. 
He was a prosecuting attorney in O.J. Simpson's murder trial. Christopher left the District Attorney's office to continue teaching law and later began an acting career.


The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was organized on this date.

Black Senate Page Appointed on April 8, 1965. 
16 year old Lawrene Bradford of New York City was the first Black Page appointed to the US Senate.


Henry ("Hank") Aaron broke Babe Ruth's major league baseball record, by hitting his 715th home run in a game at Atlanta stadium.

State troopers mobilized to stop disturbances in Wrightsville, Georgia. 
Racial incidents were also reported in 1980 in Chattanooga, Tenn., Oceanside, Calif., Kokomo, Ind., Wichita, Kans., and Johnston County, North Carolina.


Percy Julian, developer of drugs to combat glaucoma and methods to mass produce cortisone and George Washington Carver are the first African American Inventors admitted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the hall's 17-year history.


On this date in 1999, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America released 
"This Far By Faith: An African American Resource for Worship," which compiles hymns of liturgies of Lutheran African Americans.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another* SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"


Our FAV... Mr.Romance himself... is back at it Again!!! With "B.O.B."  Just "Raheem DeVaughn Her"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Desperate Housewife in the Kitchen

Far from the VERY Posh and Prissy character "Gabrielle Solis" she plays on ABC's Hit sitcom "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria has shocked the Masses!!

This week she released her first book. .and it's a Cookbook. .

"Eva's Kitchen"!!

The book features classic Mexican and Texas style recipes. .as well as International French and Italian recipes. .
So whip out your apron and pumps because this book is sure to add some spice not only to your cookbook collections but to your kitchens as well.

SophistiKat's "Gentleman of the Week"

From the moment this Sexy Gentleman stepped onto the Lincoln Financial Field. .We have been Awestruck. .Not only for his undeniable skills on the field. .but his commitment to advocating against "Bullying" and giving back in his community . .

So for our first installment of SophistiKats "Gentleman of the Week". .
We present to you. . 

Mr. Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles
Date of birth: December 1, 1986 (age 24)
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) Weight: 175 lb (79 kg)

College: California (Golden Bears)
NFL Draft: 2008 / Round: 2 / Pick: 49
Debuted in 2008 for the Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles (2008–present)
#10 Wide Receiver

Career highlights and awards:
2× Pro Bowl selection (2009, 2010)
1× All-Pro Punt Returner (2009)
2× All-Pac-10 (2006, 2007)
2× All-American (2006, 2007)
Randy Moss Award (2006)
Pete Dawkins Trophy (2005)

Continue to "Do You" and know that we will be watching and supporting. .Xo. .The SophistiKats

For more on Desean Jackson 

The site of the Philadelphia Eagles

and of course follow him on Twitter @DeseanJackson10

Today In Black History


James Beckwourth, Pioneer/Fur trader was born in Fredricksburg, VA to white master and Black slave mother. Moved to St. Louis as a teen and became a scout with the Rocky Mount Fur Co. In 1824 he was adopted the Crow Indian Nation and married a Crow woman. He was given two Indian names "Bloody Arm" and "Bulls Robe" and fought many wars with them. He later moved West and discovered Beckwourth Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.


James Augustine Healy, first Black Roman Catholic bishop in America, born to Irish planter and slave on plantation near Macon, Georgia.


Dred Scott and his wife Harriet filed suit against Irene Emerson for their freedom. The Dred Scott case was first brought to trial in 1847 in the first floor, west wing courtroom of St. Louis' Courthouse. A black slave from Missouri who claimed his freedom on the basis of seven years of residence in a free state and a free territory.


Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett, Principal of the Institute for Colored Youth, Philadelphia, named minister to Haiti and became the first major Black diplomat and the first American Black to receive a major appointment from the United Stated Government.


Matthew Henson reached the North Pole. Traveling with the Admiral Peary Expedition, Henson, with his exceptional navigational skills managed to reach the North Pole almost 45 minutes before Peary and the rest of the men.


America entered World War I. President Wilson, who had just inaugurated a policy of segregation in government agencies, told Congress that "the world must be made safe for democracy."


First Scottsboro trial began in Scottsboro, Alabama. 
Trial of nine Black youths accused of raping two white women on a freight train became a cause celebré.


Actor Billy Dee Williams, known in such works as "Mahogany", "Lady Sings the Blues", and two "Star Wars" sequels, was born in New York city.