Monday, May 30, 2011

SWV is Back!!

Last week in our first installment of "Old School" Jam of the Week we brought you one of our favorite 90's Jams "You're Always on my Mind" by SWV. 
Well little did we know that these ladies would be reuniting for their 4th studio album after 13 years. Along with working on the new album, they will also be filming a documentary about the groups trials, joys, and life in the industry. 

Happy to have these "Sisters With REAL Voices" returning to the scene. Much Love Ladies!!

SophistiKat "Jam of the Week"

New Single and Video from Bobby V "Would You BE" off of his latest LP "Fly on the Wall".
Check it out!! We love us some Bobby V

VH1's Single Ladies Premiere's Tonight

VH1 Monday nights are about to be HoTTer than ever before with the premiere of "Single Ladies"!!
It's first scripted series with 2 familiar faces Stacy Dash (Clueless) and LisaRaye McCoy 
(TVOne's "LisaRaye: The Real McCoy"/Playa's Club). 
This show is set in Hotlanta better known as "The ATL" (Atlanta, GA) where 3 women are dealing with the issues that  life and well. .you guessed it. .men bring. 

Here are the Deets on the charcaters. .

(Stacey Dash)
Val is a hot, talented stylist who has gambled all her resources on opening a trendy boutique, "V."
She's scrambling to get some traction there at the same time she has split up with longtime boyfriend Quinn. Quinn's a good guy, but when Val realizes she really wants him to put a ring on it, it turns out he's not that good a guy.

(LisaRaye McCoy)

Keisha has lived the kind of life a lot of teenage girls dream of living/dancing in videos, getting invites to party with the stars. But she's not quite a star herself, and now she's just old enough to be afraid of becoming a replaceable part in the world she loves. She has a "cat and mouse" relationship with a playa, a MAJOR playa. She just isn't sure where she wants it to go.

(Charity Shea)

April  is a white girl married to a very successful black financier. April also has trouble keeping her hands off temptation. .(the Mayor)!!

This show is definitely going to be a faithful must see on Monday nights!! 
Tune in for the 2 hour  premiere TONGIHT 9pm(est) on VH1!!

For more info, photos, and a sneak peek at tonight's episode visit

Today In Black History

House slave betrayed Denmark Vesey conspiracy. Vesey conspiracy, one of the most elaborate slave plots on record, involved thousands of Blacks in Charleston, S.C., and vicinity. Thirty-seven Blacks were hanged.
Check this out for more on Denmark Vesey

Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed Missouri Compromise and opened Northern territory to slavery.

Born in 1903 in New York City, Countee Cullen was raised in a Methodist parsonage. He attended De Witt Clinton High School in New York and began writing poetry at the age of fourteen. In 1922, Cullen entered New York University. His poems were published in The Crisis, under the leadership of W. E. B. Du Bois, and Opportunity, a magazine of the National Urban League. He was soon after published in Harper's, the Century Magazine, and Poetry. He won several awards for his poem, "Ballad of the Brown Girl," and graduated from New York University in 1923. That same year, Harper published his first volume of verse, Color, and he was admitted to Harvard University where he completed a master's degree. His second volume of poetry, Copper Sun (1927), met with controversy in the black community because Cullen did not give the subject of race the same attention he had given it in Color. He was raised and educated in a primarily white community, and he differed from other poets of the Harlem Renaissance like Langston Hughes in that he lacked the background to comment from personal experience on the lives of other blacks or use popular black themes in his writing. An imaginative lyric poet, he wrote in the tradition of Keats and Shelley and was resistant to the new poetic techniques of the Modernists. He died in 1946.

Born on this day, Gale Sayers became youngest player ever to be elected to the Football Hall of Fame

Bus boycott began in Tallahassee, Florida.

First Black student, Vivian Malone, graduated from the University of Alabama.

Willie Mays scores his 1,950th run

SophistiKats "Gentleman of the Week"

Handsome with Sex Appeal. .
A "Heart of Gold" with drive to give back to his community. .
Ambitiously relying on his Faith in God to guide his steps. .
This Gentleman is the TOTAL package. .
SophistiKats "Gentleman of the Week" is NONE other than. .Mr. "Showtime" himself. .


Born November 15, 1986 and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan he had talent for football at an early age. In high school he was able to really showcase his talent as a Wide Receiver, Running Back, and Corner Back for Canton High. 
He was named "All-State" after rushing and receiving for over 1,000 yards.

After High School attended Coffeyville Community College, where he was redshirted in 2004 and played as a freshman in 2005. In Fall 2005 he transferred to Michigan State. 
Then a sophmore he had only six catches. He played well his junior year with 79 catches, a school record, for 1,260 yards, and eight touchdowns. He decided to forgo his senior year at Michigan State and declare himself eligibile for the 2008 draft.

Career highlights and Awards:
Second-team All-KJCCC (2005)
Second-team All-Big Ten (2007)

Drafted in 2008 by the Washington Redskins in the 2nd round as pick 34. Securing a  2.7 million dollar contract. He won the 2008 NFL Rookie's Madden Bowl.

He was waived from the Washington Redskins in Oct 2010 and moved on to play briefly for the Carolina Panthers.

Presently he is playing for the New York Giants (after being waived from the Carolina Panthers) 

He is releasing a Fitness calendar. The proceeds will be going to a charity of his choice after the release date this Fall.

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Brown

Last week one of  our FAV Mommy's/SophistiKats R&B songtress Monica took to Twitter with pics and tweets she and her hubby Shannon Brown of the LA Lakers.

This month they celebrated their 6 month wedding anniversary as well as took pics. 
It has been stated they have recruited  Mindy Weiss of "Mindy Weiss Party Consultants". 
She is the mastermind behind Carmelo and LaLa Anthony's FABulous New York wedding. 

Monica gives constant Praise to God for blessing her with not only a very supportive and wonderful family. .but for blessing her with her soul mate. 
An outstanding role model for other mothers and artist this sister holds true to "Walking by Faith,  Not By Sight"!!

The couple is scheduled to have a 2nd celebration in honor of their nupitals. We will most definitely keep you up to date with the details.

To check out Mindy Weiss and what her company offers visit

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dark Girls: Preview "Are Women and Men of Color their OWN WORST ENEMY???"

Clips from the upcoming documentary exploring the deep-seated bias attitudes about skin color particularly dark skinned women outside of and within the Black American culture.

 This film will be released in Fall/Winter 2011.
 Please "Like" the Dark Girls page on Facebook

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SophistiKat "Old School" Jam of the Week

One of our all time favorite girl groups SWV burned up the charts with their debut album
 "It's About Time". 
For our first installment of "Ole School" Jam of the Week here is the 6th single release
 "You're Always On My Mind"!!

Mr. "Perfect" Doesn't Exist, But Mr. "Right" Does!!

by Jamilah-Asali I. Lemieux via

If you are a single woman in search of a partner, you may feel like the entire world has made your "plight" their business.
(I prefer "status." "Plight" makes being single sound like a famine of some sort.)

If you are a Black single woman, well, we won't go all the way there today, but I'm sure you know the unique ways in which your situation has been treated by writers, members of the media and laypersons -- both ill and good-intentioned. It's enough to turn a sane woman mad and to make one feel like wanting to be in love is either some sort of unrealistic goal or some immature desire.

The debate over standards will not soon end. You have those who tell you to hold on to your image of a "dream" partner no matter what and those who will tell you that you need to go on ahead and give the brother on the corner with the gold tooth a call. 
("Stop acting bougie, he takes care of ALL his kids!) 
To call these messages "mixed" would be an understatement. 

There's no universal set of instructions for finding love, no "ten steps to the altar" that can put a ring on your finger. But you certainly can make your own path a lot easier.

(Don't worry, this isn't one of those "BLACK WOMAN, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND BE WHAT A STRONG BLACK MAN DESERVES! CHANGE YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE SELF!" piece. This is Essence Online. We are here to affirm and support our sisters. **Cyber hug**)

There is a great distinction between reasonable standards and unrealistic expectations. While I don't believe the notion that most single women are walking around with ten-page "Things You Need in Order to Date Me" lists, I know how easy it is to cut off some great possibilities by being a bit too rigid with one's demands. While never forgetting that you are worth someone fantastic, be mindful of the fact that this man is not being created for you in a laboratory. 

That's not to say that you don't deserve someone accomplished or who has similar interests and goals as your own. If you make your "must-have" list a bit shorter, you increase the number of men who may tickle your fancy. Let go of "someone chocolatey, over 6' 3" with big feet and muscles" and try "someone I find attractive" on for size. You may be surprised how many great guys you could have passed over while scanning the bar for men who look like Idris. And if your friends know just how picky you are, you may be the last person they consider introducing to an eligible bachelor: "Girl, she ain't checking for nobody who doesn't look like Laz Alonzo with an advanced degree and his own home, so don't even try and hook her up!"

Say you are looking for a tall, handsome, God-fearing, well-built, successful, funny, charismatic man who is active in his community, gets along great with his mother and enjoys Soca music. Oh, and he's well-dressed with no kids. That's a very specific set of expectations. It's not impossible to think that you would meet this man and it's also unlikely that you would turn down the man who had most of the qualities you are looking for. But by walking around with this extensive laundry list in your mind can be preventing you from seeing the many guys out there who could be wonderful partners for you, if only you noticed them. 

Conversely, there are some things that you may need to stand firm on and that's more than fine. If you are in church every Sunday without fail and you can't bear the idea of a man who doesn't share at least some of your passion for your religion, then don't abandon that expectation. Pretending you can handle something in a relationship may only cause problems later; you don't want to be pushing him to change his ways two years down the road, nor would you like for him to complain about your involvement with your faith. If you've dated shorter men and found that you just don't feel comfortable towering over your dude, own that and don't feel pressured to do otherwise.

While you are chopping off some of the non-essentials from your list, you can still meet guys who have these qualities. For example, if you really want to meet a man who's in to the same stuff as you, then look at the men who are at the places you already frequent... Hip-Hop heads go to Rap shows, civic minded men are involved in community service organizations, college grads go to alumni networking events, fit men go to the gym... Do the things you enjoy and you'll increase the chances of meeting someone who enjoys the same things. Easy!

The man you want may not come in the exact package that you may have dreamed of, but if you are reasonable with what you are looking for, then you won't have as much room to worry over that. Don't worry over what the man you haven't met yet has, save the assessment for the men you do meet. And if the brother has the things you really need going on, then hopefully you won't notice his ugly shoes. 

Today In Black History

Tap dancer Luther Robinson, best known as Bill "Bojangles" Robinson was born in Richmond, Virginia.

Madame C.J. Walker dies at the age of 52. The countries first female millionaire. Wealthy cosmetics and hair manufacturer, at "Irvington-on-the-Hudson", New York.

Miles Davis, U.S. jazz trumpeter and composer, born.

 James Cleveland Owens, On this day, while competing for Ohio State University (Columbus) in a Western Conference (Big Ten) track-and-field meet at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Broke the world record for the 100-yard dash (9.4 s) and broke the world records for the 220-yard dash (20.3 s), the 220-yard low hurdles (22.6 s), and the running broad jump (8.13 m [26 feet 8 1/4 inches]).

Henrietta Bradberry invented the "Bed Rack", Patent No. 2,320,027 on May 25, 1943, to attach to the bed frame and allow the bed clothes to hang on it while allowing the bed to air out.

Singer Leslie Uggams, who made her singing debut with the Lawrence Welk Band, was born in New York city.

Riot at Mobile, Alabama shipyard over the upgrading of twelve Black workers.

Novelist and essayist Jamaica Kincaid was born on this day in Antigua. Ms. Kincaid pened novels such as "Annie John" and "Lucy".

Young Black woman, Jo Etha Collier, killed in Drew, Miss., by bullet fired from passing car. Three whites were arrested on May 26 and charged with the unprovoked attack.

30 million people worldwide joined in pop singer Bob Geldof's "Race Against Time" to raise money for the starving in Africa.

Basketball Wives is BACK!!

Our FAVorite Diva's with ALL the Sass and Drama are Back!!
May 30 at 8pm VH1's TOP reality show "Basketball Wives" returns!!!

Check out the trailer!!

Get your glass of wine and popcorn SophistiKats and Get Ready!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Healthy Late Night Snacks

We often are woke late in the night for the sudden urge to snack. Maybe that steak and salad didn't hit the spot?! Maybe so. We often head down to the fridge to get the first carton of Ice Cream or maybe even the first bag of chips out of the cabinet. .Those choices. .Not the Best!!
For our "Stay Fit, Stay Sexy" we have 10 of the Best and Healthiest "Late Night Snacks". 
You will be surprised. .you might just see a few all time favorites.

Strawberry Shake 

Blend kefir (it's like a liquid yogurt), strawberries, and a teaspoon of honey for a refreshing protein shake that's also chock-full of digestion-enhancing probiotics.

Frozen/Dry Blueberries 

A cup of the fruit is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and more than 4 grams of fiber. For a richer snack, top them with a little light whipping cream.

Yogurt Cubes 

If you're an ice cream lover, try this lean alternative: pour a homemade smoothie (like the kefir-strawberry mixture above) into ice cube trays, then freeze until slushy.

Multigrain Pretzels 

Whether in stick or twist form, pretzels are a surprisingly good alternative to chips. One ounce—about a handful—boasts just over 100 calories. To add some metabolism-revving protein, dunk 'em in yogurt.


 For a nutty snack, try Ak-mak crackers (made of stone-ground sesame seeds), multigrain Wasa crackers, or low-fat rye mini toasts. Spread on some hummus or light cheese, or eat with a small slice of lean lunch meat.

Cheese Quesadilla

 Sprinkle some grated low-fat cheese, like Jarlesberg light, in between a couple of high-fiber tortillas, then crisp both sides on a cast-iron skillet or indoor grill. The healthiest cheeses have just 3 to 5 grams of fat per ounce.


 Choose 100-calorie packs of 94% fat-free microwave popcorn. Or air-pop your own. Skip the butter. Instead, raid your spice cabinet: Use lime powder for tang, cayenne pepper for heat, or a dash of cinnamon for sweetness.

Greek Yogurt 

It's high protein, low in sugar, and can really fill you up. 
For more flavor, mix in your own fruit, like sliced papaya. Or just try our favorite Chobani!!

Dark chocolate 

The darker the better. Chocolate made with at least 70% cacao contains less sugar and more antioxidants than its milky cousin.

Dried figs 

Three or four of the chewy, candylike fruit should do the trick. Still hungry? Pair them with a wedge of light cheese like Laughing Cow.

Things Men Say and What They Actually Mean

You've always wanted to know what your man or guy friends think. .Really mean when they say certain things? Well here it is Ladies!! The decoding to the most common things men say. .and the explanation via

I’ve always thought guys were more likely than ladies to think about sex all day. After all, don't we have better, more cerebral things to think about?

Now it turns out that the old belief -- that men think about sex all of the time -- may not be true. A new study reveals that men actually think about food and sleep proportionately more than they do about sex.

This was a surprise to me. Maybe all of those times that I thought my husband was coming on to me, he just wanted me to make him a big bowl of ice cream and then get some shut eye. Have I been entirely misinterpreting his advances?

For example:
He says: Come give me a hug.
You think: Uh oh, he wants to grind against me as foreplay.
What he really means: I want to feel physically and emotionally close to you.

Here are a few other statements made by men that perhaps have been misinterpreted:

He says: I think I'm going to hit the sack. Are you ready too?
You think: He wants me to go to bed with him and give him a blow job.
He really means: I have to get up early tomorrow and I want to be rested for my big meeting.

He says: I'm so hungry, I could eat you up.
You think: He's hungry for me.
He really means: I haven't eaten in a few hours so I'm really hungry.

He says: I'm in the mood for something spicy.
You think: Ooh, he wants to have kinky sex.
What he really means: Can you get some of that Sriracha from the fridge? The food's a little bland.

He says: Let’s take a nap.
You think: The kids are asleep and he wants to get some afternoon delight.
What he really means: The baby kept me up last night and I could use some shut eye.

He says: Can I help you with dinner?
You think: Hmm, that's suspicious. If he helps me, I’ll owe him sexual favors later.
What he really means: I’m really hungry and if you let me help you, we’ll eat sooner.

He says: Are you going to eat all of that?
You think: Jerk, he must not have liked the view of my rear end when we were going at it earlier.
What he really means: It looks really good, I did a lot of cardio this morning and I’m still hungry.

He says: I’m wiped out.
You think: I just tried to arouse him and he is as flaccid as a wet noodle. Guess I'm not attractive to him anymore.
What he really means: You just completely sexually satisfied me. And all I want to do is lie here and cuddle with you, the love of my life.

Yes, men really are this simple ladies. Let's stop making things more complicated with them, but for  ourselves.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today In Black


Rachel Boone was a slave of the decendents of the Daniel Boone family who escaped to an army camp near Miami, MO. She gave birth to a son & moved to Warrensburg, MO. Her son became "Blind" Boone, famous classical pianist known all over the U.S., Canada & Mexico who also reportedly played in Europe. He became known as the "pioneer of ragtime" because he brought in ragtime music to the concert stage as an encore or when the audience became restless, saying "Let's put the cookies on the bottom shelf where everybody can reach them.". His motto was "Merit, not sympathy, wins."


The first Kentucky Derby is won by African American jockey Oliver Lewis riding the horse Aristides. 14 of the 15 jockeys in the race are African Americans.

White firemen on Georgia Railroad struck to protest employment of Blacks.


National Baptist Convention chartered.


U.S. Supreme Court in landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional. The unanimous decision was read by Chief Justice Earl B. Warren.


Sugar Ray Leonard, born in Wilmington, SC


Prayer Pilgrimage, biggest civil rights demonstration to date, held in Washington.


Major race riot, Miami, Florida. Sixteen persons were killed and more than three hundred were injured.


Dr. Patricia E. Bath of Los Angeles, a renowned ophthalmologist and Black woman, patented (1988) an apparatus that efficiently removes cataracts by using laser technology.


Laurent Kabilia becomes new President of Zaire and renames it the Democratic Republic of the Congo.The country was previously under the 37 year rule of Dictator Mobutu SeSE sEKO. cONGO HAS DEMOCRACY.