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Today In Black History

Josiah T. Walls born on this day in Winchester, VA, was elected to the U.S. Congress for the state of Florida.

Dr. Miles V. Lynk, a Physician, published the first Black medical journal.

Blues Composer and Singer Bo Didley was born in Magnolia ,Mississippi on this day.

1929* The "Don't Buy Where You Can't Work" campaign began in Chicago with picketing of Chain stores on South Side Fall. The campaign spread to New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles and other cities and continued throughout the Depression.

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, is Incorporated* on this day.

Mordecai W. Johnson received the "Spingarn Medal" for his work as the First Black President of Howard University.

Two U.S. courts issued temporary injunctions to prevent eviction of about seven hundred Black sharecroppers in Haywood and Fayette Counties in Tennessee.

Poet Langston Hughes received the "Spingarn Medal" and cited as "The Poet Laureate of the Negro Race.…

"The Single Ladies New Year's Pledge"

Written By: Charli Penn for
Are there a few memories from 2011 that you’d rather not relive in 2012? The great thing about this year is it’s now officially your past which means any dating mistakes you made are old news and there's no better time than the present.

Who cares how many times you returned his calls when you knew better, or what you forgave that you never should have? Ladies, it’s time to move on. If you’re ready to take on the New Year with a new attitude, we’ve got the perfect pledge for you.

Follow these dating rules and we promise you’ll live your best single life in 2012. Are you ready to take the pledge? Repeat after us. I will...

*I Will Not Stay In On Holidays Just Because I'm Single
When it comes to your social life, be proactive, not reactive. Whether you’re the first one to RSVP for this year’s Cupid Sucks party, or the one hosting next year’s New Year’s Eve bash, we’re sure there’s lots of options better than “just staying home”.

*I Will Not …

Good Riddance!!

Today is "Good Riddance" Day!! Out with the OLD and head into the NEW. .2012!!

Today is the day to let go of ALL of the extra that occurred in 2011.  So SophistiKats. .get out those no good Valentine's day cards, unwanted gifts, delete those cell numbers that are no longer being used, messages, and emails. Say GOODBYE to anything and anyone who caused you to be BLUE in 2011!!
Break out the shredder, trash can, hammers, or WHATEVER you will need to say "Good Riddance"!! 
This is a Pre-New Year tradition that has been going on for some time now and one that I think is neat. Let's adopt this, add it to our traditions, and move forward to happier days in the NEW YEAR!!
LET's GO!! Good Riddance ;") @TNBeautyQueen @TheSophistiKats

"You might not be rich. .But you're a Philanthropist"

Hi SophistiKat's!!  Many of you know by now how much I just LOVE!!  Another favorite column of mine is that of "The Write or Die Chick" Janelle Harris.  This was a wonderful article about giving back and a wake up for some of us who don't know the difference between "Charity" and "Philanthropy". Check it out!!
Written for by Janelle Harris

I’m always negotiating with homeless folks, and my daughter hates it. Last Sunday, as we were picking up our pizza for that disheartening Jets and Eagles game, a man approached me while I was in line.
“Hey sister,” he started (cause you know they always hit you with the “sista” to soften the blow before they put in their request) “You have a dollar you can give me?”
I remember when folks used to ask for a nickel, a dime, a quarter. Now they’re asking for whole dollars? In southeast DC? Plenty of times, I barely had that much in my wallet for my doggone self, much less to be handing it out. But if…

Today in Black History

Third* Day of Kwanzaa  "Ujima" (Collective Work and Responsibility)  To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems, and to solve them together.

1816* American Colonization Society organized in hall of the House of Representatives .

Born into slavery, Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman ran away from her owners after mistreatment by her master's wife. She petitioned successfully for her freedom, citing her knowledge of the Bill of Rights and the new constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Her argument was that all men were created equal, thereby justifying her petition for freedom. Her victory effectively abolished slavery in Massachusetts. Freeman was the great-grandmother of W.E.B. DuBois, one of America's most renowned scholars, leaders, and fighters for civil rights. She died on this day.

1897* C. V. Richey invents the Fire Escape Bracket (Patent No. 596,427)

Famed Jazz musicia…

SophistiKat's "Slow Jam of the Week"

Yes!! I am excited YET again to see another one of my RECENT Jams with a video!!
I remember my first time hearing this song was while down in Atlanta at Reign (a new Hott Spot)!! My girls and I were Jamming. .and from then on. .it was another "Repeater" on my playlist.
CAUTION: Ladies it's definitely a sexy song and the lyrics are SOMETHING else. .LoL!!
Here's Fat Joe feat Breezy aka Chris Brown "Another Round" ;")


Today in Black History

Mother Matelda Beasley who founded the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis, the first African American order of nuns in Georgia was born on this day.

1870* Robert H. Wood was elected mayor of Natchez in Mississippi

Jefferson F. Long of Macon, Georgia was elected to an unexpired term in the 41st Congress. Georgia Democrats carried the state election with a campaign of violence and political intimidation.

Carter G Woodson known as "The Father of Black History" was born on this day

"Oak and Ivy" by Paul Lawrence Dunbar published on this day

On this day the African American community of Montgomery, Alabama voted unanimously to end its 385 day bus boycott.

"Dream Girls" opened at the Imperial Theater on Broadway on this day.

Julius Erving scored his 25,000th career point becoming the 9th professional basketball player to achieve this mark.

Max Robinson who joined ABC's "World News Tonight" and became the Fir…

SophistiKat's "Jam of the Week"

So yesterday I was doing a little channel surfing on my off day. .and just as I was about to flip past #MTVJams I see Llloyd. .and low and behold it's one of MY JAMS!!
This has been a "Repeater" on my playlist for months and it of course features TRIGGA!! Yes Ladies. .Trey Songz ;") Yes Glory!!
With all that being said I'm following right behind #MTVJams and adding this as our "SophistiKat's" Jam of the Week. .
Lloyd featuring Trey Songz and Young Jeezy "Be The One"
@TNBeautyQueen @TheSophistiKats

SophistiKat's "Dessert of the Month"

For the December installment of "SophistiKat's Dessert of the Month" I present an all time favorite dessert from one of my FAVorite female entrepreneurs.
B. Smith is one of the most known female entrepreneurs in the African American community. Known as the "Black Martha Stewart" she has got it GOING ON!! She has her hands in every pot!! Modeling, hosting her own TV show "B. Smith with Style", a line of home products, and of course her own restaurant"B. Smith's". 
A Favorite dessert for the Holiday season (and in most families year round) is Red Velvet Cake. This delicious treat is also a menu favorite at B. Smith's restaurant.  (If you haven't been, then in 2012 put a trip to D.C. on your calendar and make sure you stop in.  Try my favorites and have you some Sweet Spiced Wings, Fried Green Tomatoes, and RED  VELVET CAKE!! Mmph ;") makes my mouth water!!)
For those who won't be headed that way. .I present the recipe for you …

On The Rise

So. .A week ago we received a new Follower on Twitter. Now you all know how much we LOVE music of all genre's. I especially was excited to see that the person was a artist and from the South. 

With a Smooth and Soulful sound Winston Warrior is DEFinitely on his way to making his mark in the industry.
This Atlanta native is no stranger however to music. He started out in the group "Lo'Profile" which produced  2 Hit singles "Play Melody" and "Missing You". The group however didn't last long but that didn't stop Winston from continuing on the road to success and making his dream of a return to the industry a reality. Graduating with a degree in Business from the University of Miami he gained a lot of experience in production and performance. Over the past year he has been working hard and definitely making his presence known through out the South and across the nation.

His latest project "Lifeology 101" is one you will pop in and listen…

Natural SophistiKat's

Making the decision to take the journey from relaxed hair back to your naturally textured hair is tough. Some women decide to do "The Big Chop" while others simply do the "Transition".

About 7 years ago I decided to go natural. I did not want to cut all of my hair off so I decided to go with the "Transition". Over the course of 3 years I began to embrace my new natural hair. (Now don't get me wrong it was rough!! )

Dealing with the relaxed hair as your new natural hair grows back is a hard process and very frustrating. You have to develop your own routine for keeping your natural hair on point and manageable You have to continuously keep your hair washed, conditioned, trimmed, and most importantly moisturized (because natural hair is a lot dryer than relaxed hair).
Since then I have gone back to wearing a relaxer. I feel like it is the best choice for me and allows me more freedom and manageability.
However for all my SophistiKat's out there going …

SophistiKat's "Jam of the Week"

I've been BUZZING all week about this SONG and told the rest of the SophistiKat's about it. We ALL just LOVE us some Diggy and this song!!
So he has added some age appropriate (for us that is) sexiness to the song with Jeremih aka Mr. iLike (Yes Lawd!!)
Here is Diggy's new single "Do It Like You". .
All I have to say is. .Rev. Run better put a leash on young Diggy. .because I know the girls and cougars are on him!! LoL!!
@TNBeautyQueen @TheSophistiKats

Today in Black History

Seventy-four Blacks reported lynched in 1885.

Sir Milton Margai. The first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone was born on this day

Novelist Richard Wright was presented the Spingarn Medal on this day, being "one of the most powerful of contemporary writer," for "his powerful depiction in his books, "Uncle Tom's Children", and "Native Son", of the effect of proscription, segregation and denial of opportunities to the American Negro."

Lester Granger named executive director of the National Urban League.

Dorie Miller of Waco, Texas, messman on USS Arizona, manned machine gun during Pearl Harbor attacks and downed four planes. He was awarded the Navy Cross.

Reginald F. Lewis was born on this day in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1968. He was a partner in Murphy, Thorpe & Lewis, the first Black law firm on Wall Street. In 1989 he became president and CEO of TLC Beatrice Internat…

SophistiKat's "Drink of the Month"

Hey SophistiKat's!!  With one holiday down and Christmas to go before the New Year we wanted to bring you a drink that would fit both occasions. Cranberry is one of the most requested juices to mix with any cocktail. It adds the proper mix of tang and sweetness for the perfect blend. With that being said here is a Sparkling yet Sophisticated blend to wrap up your Holiday Season and Bring in the New Year with a BANG!!
The Cranberry Champagne Cocktail 

Ingredients 1 Ounce Cranberry Juice (sweetened) 1 Wedge Lime 1 Champagne or Sparkling Wine 1 Container of Cranberries (frozen)
Directions In a chilled Champagne flute add cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime.  Top off the glass with Champagne.  Garnish with 3 or 4 cranberries.


SophistiKat's Dose of "Hip Hop"

For your enjoyment we bring you an outstanding Indie Hip Hop artist Tabi Bonney.  Most of you recognize the name from producing and directing video's for Maybach Music Group and DMV native Wale. Also 2 of his hit singles "The Pocket" and "Doin IT" featuring none other than MY Boo Mr. Raheem Devaughn @368Hustlers.
Tabi is the epitome of a young "Renaissance Man". He has 2 degrees from Florida A&M University (Go Rattlers!!) a Bachelor's in Pre-Med and Masters in Biology. Mmph!! Sounds like this Brother might be adding "Doctor" to his list of accomplishments. Also he is into Fashion and Design with his clothing line "Booney Runway". Talking about Ambition ;")
Here is his 1st single off of "A Place Called Stardom". ."Nuthin But A Hero"!! Follow Tabi on Twitter @tabiBONNEY
@TNBeautyQueen @TheSophistiKats

Happy Thanksgiving

From Everyone here at The Sophisticate Chronicles we wish you. . a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Drake: Take Care

I became a fan of Drake's after the release of his first studio album "Thank Me Later" but his sophomore album "Take Care" is the reason why I am now a die hard fan. Each track is proof that Drake gave this album his all. He gives something in this album that no other rapper gives and that is bonafide versatility; he fluctuates from rapping to singing and let me tell you, he does a damn good job at both. Take Care is one of those albums that you are able to listen to from start to finish without skipping a song, and that within itself says a lot.

Every last one of his tracks are the bomb, but there are two songs that stood out to me the most.

Track #1 "Over My Dead Body" which features Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist Chantal Kreviazuk. In this song, Drake delivers something different and refreshing. Chantal sings the hook and its so catchy, I love it, and her sound is so alluring. Superb choice, perfect collaboration!

Track #16  "Practice&…

14* Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

Written By: Paul Carrick Brunson for 

Today’s post is special. In order to get the most researched answers on “relationship pitfalls,” I went to the authorities in the category: the guys over at 100 Red Flags. is a website dedicated to helping women understand the little signals they sometimes unconsciously send to men that turn them off and show incompatibility.
What I like about these guys is that they’re not just men speaking from their immediate experiences they’ve actually gone out and extensively surveyed “everyday” men over several years instead of just using a sampling of men like other studies often do.
I sat down with the founders Bill and Ryan and asked them about the top relationship pitfalls for women and the responses were fascinating. Ladies, are you ready to hear them? Grab a cup of something good to drink and get your read on! (Taking notes is encouraged.)
It might be a red flag to him when you…
You Wear Too Much Makeup
Doing so implies to a man …