Monday, April 9, 2012

Ooooh Devin. .~*

For the past few years I have been following yet another CRUSH. .
Ladies when I say this man is the he is. .in every way imaginable.
Talented. .Godly. .Giving to his community and philanthropies. .and the list goes ON!!
Who am I speaking of. .none other than Devin Thomas ;")

Now he has a Super Bowl ring (won with the New York Giants Super Bowl 2012) to add to his many accolades.  He recently signed a 1 year contract with the Chicago Bears for this upcoming season (so you know my D. Thomas Bears gear will be on deck) and also SINGLE he was featured in YRB magazine April 6th. .Here are some of the highlights

On winning the Super Bowl and pursing other career avenues. .

“Oh my goodness. I felt so heroic. I felt like something out of a comic book. Like a superhero defeating the enemy. Everybody’s shit going crazy. The parade for the Super Bowl win was the best feeling in the world. It just goes to show what an amazing city this is. It’s where dreams come true,” Thomas says. “That energy made me want to experiment within other areas. I would love to get involved with the movie business, and the first thing that became available to me was the lead role in a Fantasia music video. I was excited and jumped in. Fantasia is a spectacular artist and I was amped about the experience. It was a learning process; I was surprised with the time it takes for the production. We were there all day and it only created like three and a half minutes. It was crazy to see how much effort was necessary, but I’m looking forward to getting involved in more projects. I certainly would like to consider the big screen a goal of mine. I’m pushing towards that. Film was something that always interested me. At this point, it would be a dream to get a hold of a script and be a part of something great.”

On what he is looking for in a woman (Me of course. .LoL )

“I’m looking for a woman I can talk to,” he continues. “Someone I can have a good time with. I’m not looking for anyone to pressure me into doing anything crazy. I would like to find somebody to develop something with. I’m definitely not trying to be rushed, but I’m open to meeting someone who is real and patient.” Another realm Thomas would like to get involved in is fashion. He considers style a crucial part of learning a person’s character and knows that it will help to understand his. First impressions exist, and you’ll like the one he gives.

On his LOVE for ink. .

“Over the past couple of days, I had my artist come through and sharpen up some of my work. Turn my gladiator piece into HD – High Definition,” Thomas boasts. “I’m a very artistic type of person. I like to express myself, and my skin is a canvas. If there are important elements in my life, I relish in the fact that I can wear those elements on my sleeve or on my leg. It represents who I am on the inside; it represents my mentality.”

All I have to say is. .I'm in LOVE all over again. .LoL!!
Check out more about "Mr. Showtime" in last year's post "SophistiKats: Gentleman of the Week" TRUST I will be bringing you more updates. .


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