Thursday, October 17, 2013


If you haven't figured out by now. .I am a music LOVER!! You will see my FAVorite songs of all genres posted here and I love to highlight my FAV artist.

Allllllllllll the Buzz from the BET Hip Hop Awards has the internet going CRAZY!! From the return of Juvenile and Mannie Fresh on stage with 2 Chainz and of course the legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony (Come ON!! It's the firrst of the mooooonth!!).

HOWever. .the Cypher that Shut It DOWN was delivered from none of than TDE. I love me some Kendrick Lamar. .but this shout out is for a young cat who clearly ripped his bars like no other Isaiah Rashad!!

The 21 year old from Chattanooga, TN has already been proclaimed as one the Hottest "Up and Coming" MC's in the game. With sharp and straight to the point bars he truly has something that the game has been missing.

Here are a few exerts from Eric Diep's XXL interview. .

On growing up in Chattanooga, TN:
Growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee is probably as normal as it is growing up in Oregon. It’s the same as anywhere else, coming out [to Los Angeles] really help me see that. The people that I am surrounded by remind me the most of the people I was around from where I am from—like my family. In comparison, it feels a lot the same. It wasn’t like a crazy adjustment coming here. It was like moving into another house with my family.

On signing to TDE:
I don’t really have a straight answer for why [me being signed] was under wraps for so long. It just made sense. Just because I got signed doesn’t mean we have to put it out today. It wasn’t really anybody’s business to do it. We are trying to make the best product possible. The more people know, the more pressure it is. Even if it ain’t real pressure, it’s the more pressure to put on the staff and everybody and cater to the people. This is what we do. We’re artists. We do it for the people and we do it for people who enjoy music. You don’t want to let them down, but you don’t want them looking for some stuff for the longest and checking for some stuff. Basically, you want them to enjoy it. You want them to enjoy the experience of waiting for the project.

On what he wants to accomplish as an artist:
I didn’t come into it with super high expectations of like, “When I drop my first song, I am going to have a couple thousand people looking at my stuff.” [“I Shot Ya Down”] isn’t the first song I dropped. The first song I put out, it did what I thought it was going to do. I did real local stuff. It got two-three hundred views in the first couple of days. To me, that’s the same as 300,000 when don’t know nobody know who you are. I just worked on that. I worked on perfecting how I wanted to communicate with people and the right ways to put out music and everything. Seeing how I am accepting now is more like, “Alright cool. Finally learning the right way to do some of this stuff.” Learn how to build anticipation and all this type of stuff. All it is is a big learning experience.

Read the full interview here:

All I can say is that I am always extremely proud of those who grind in their city to see their dreams become a reality!! I know that their will be great things and of course great music to come from Isaiah Rashad!! Go Head!!

Check out his video for " I Shot You Down"

Represent!! #ChattTown #FourTwoThree


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