Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sistah's Chat. .The Purpose

Over the past 2 months I have had a few people approach me or email to ask. .
"What is the purpose of Sistah's Chat?"

I've always enjoyed serving on different panels discussing current issues regarding women, the state of the Black community, relationships, etc. Often times the opportunities that I've had were outside of the city. I felt that with the movements such as Black Girls ROCK, My Black Is Beautiful "Imagine A Future", Saving Our Daughters, etc. that the discussion on how to empower girls/women, showcase our outstanding achievements, how our images are being depicted in the media, internal racism, bullying, and many other issues not only need to be discussed on a national level but truly on a local level.

Each and every day in our respective communities we face the same issues that girls/women across the country face. We also have girls/women locally and statewide who are doing outstanding things to bring awareness to these said issues. Sometimes we don't have anyone to openly discuss what we are going through in an open and non-judgmental environment. Sometimes we feel that no one truly cares or will support our efforts that we are putting forth in the community to promote and evoke change.  Sometimes we would never have a chance to meet or interact with our community/state "She-roes". A platform for change. A platform to have open and honest dialogue with each other.

If we don't begin to create opportunities for our voices and stories to be told and heard. .who will? A quote that stuck out to me from this years "Black Girls ROCK" was by Marian Wright Edleman she stated "Black women rock the cradle and whoever rocks the cradle. .rocks the future". We have to think about all the women who have come before us. Who were degraded, denied, and some even died for us to have the rights that we do today and for their stories to continue to live through us. We have to get back to being as "ONE". Loving, Uplifting, and Supporting each other in our respective goals. We have to understand how our individual successes are important to each other and the generations to come. This transcends beyond the color line to ALL women. A unified sisterhood is a MUST.

That is the purpose of "Sistah's Chat"!!

The next installment will be in 2 parts in February 2014!! 
Part One: "How to Love 101: Love and Relationships"
Part Two: "Preserving our Legacy"

If you are interested in lending your voice to the panel, being a sponsor, or vendor please email me at and "February Chat's" as your subject title.


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