Sunday, July 24, 2016


My mother told me over 13 years ago "You've got to put your tough skin on. Once you put it on, you won't be able to take it off. It will become your armor, your shield, and your protection. Everything won't work out. Everyone won't like you. Everyone won't support. No matter what things may look like. Never Quit. Keep moving forward".

 One of my favorite movies of all time is Mahogany. My mother purchased it for me when it finally came out on DVD around that same time. In the movie Tracey Chambers faces many challenges in her life, relationships, and career. However, no matter what she faced (including someone attempting to take her life), she never gave up and did what she had to do.

When we are being "moved" to what may seem like the "next level" in our lives, it will require more work, more faith, more patience, and more trust in not only ourselves but God. 

We may receive what seems to be the epitome of what God has for us and then we may go through trials that test every aspect of our being. This may include mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual attacks from every angle. However, when we come out on the other side. .a few weeks, months, or years later face something else. .we can then draw from the previous trial(s) and muster the strength to PUSH THROUGH. 

With all that we go through, achieve, and learn. .knowledge and wisdom are the end result. Wisdom is what gets us through. Wisdom is what keeps us sane. Wisdom is obtained through seeing and knowing the good with the bad. 

Proverbs is one of my favorite books of the bible and covers a lot!! Here you will find a word for any thing that you may be challenged with. These particular scriptures have helped me get through. These scriptures have helped me prepare. 

Today is a new day and the start of a new week!! Let's prepare for what is awaiting us!! 

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