Monday, May 30, 2011

VH1's Single Ladies Premiere's Tonight

VH1 Monday nights are about to be HoTTer than ever before with the premiere of "Single Ladies"!!
It's first scripted series with 2 familiar faces Stacy Dash (Clueless) and LisaRaye McCoy 
(TVOne's "LisaRaye: The Real McCoy"/Playa's Club). 
This show is set in Hotlanta better known as "The ATL" (Atlanta, GA) where 3 women are dealing with the issues that  life and well. .you guessed it. .men bring. 

Here are the Deets on the charcaters. .

(Stacey Dash)
Val is a hot, talented stylist who has gambled all her resources on opening a trendy boutique, "V."
She's scrambling to get some traction there at the same time she has split up with longtime boyfriend Quinn. Quinn's a good guy, but when Val realizes she really wants him to put a ring on it, it turns out he's not that good a guy.

(LisaRaye McCoy)

Keisha has lived the kind of life a lot of teenage girls dream of living/dancing in videos, getting invites to party with the stars. But she's not quite a star herself, and now she's just old enough to be afraid of becoming a replaceable part in the world she loves. She has a "cat and mouse" relationship with a playa, a MAJOR playa. She just isn't sure where she wants it to go.

(Charity Shea)

April  is a white girl married to a very successful black financier. April also has trouble keeping her hands off temptation. .(the Mayor)!!

This show is definitely going to be a faithful must see on Monday nights!! 
Tune in for the 2 hour  premiere TONGIHT 9pm(est) on VH1!!

For more info, photos, and a sneak peek at tonight's episode visit

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