Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Living Color is BACK!!

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Fox is bringing back one of it's MOST successful shows. .none other than everybody and their mama's favorite "In Living Color"!!

Keenan Ivory Wayans will produce 2 half hour specials this seasons. 
If the specials are a hit (i.e. ratings) the actual show will RETURN next year as apart of the Fox 2012 Fall Line Up.  Wayans has yet to say if any of our favorite's Jim Carrey "Fire Marshall Bill", Jamie Foxx "Wanda", or the clown we could never get enough of "Homie" Damon Wayans will make any cameos. 

It has been stated that their will be a BRAND NEW cast for the new season. .So you know what that means? Maybe the Sexy NEXT generation of Wayans will be taking the reign's. .Damon Jr. .Damian. .Hmm. .Either way. .We are READY!!

We will keep you posted on when the specials will air. .So we can get the ratings they need. .So we can have one of our FAVorites back

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