Sunday, July 1, 2012

3* Secrets

We all want to know the secrets to maintaing a healthy and long lasting relationship. .at least my Single Ladies and Fella's do. Over the course of 3 years psychologist have interviewed several couples who have been in relationship ranging from 5 - 20 years. .trying to find the answer to this most commonly asked question. .and here is the answer.

What are the top 3 secrets to maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship?

1) They accentuate the positive in life more than the negatives.
(Meaning no matter the circumstance your partner will have a positive spin on any negative situation that may occur.)

2) They not only cope well during hardship, but also celebrate the happy moments and work to build more of these into their lives.
(Regardless of what may happen you know that this person will be by your side and endure til the end. In trial and triumph you can truly count on your partner.)

 3) They excel in their ability to support each other under difficult circumstances.
(Being able to adapt to change yet show love and support at any given time and during any type of situation)

They all pretty much sound the same to me. Someone who will always shine a light on who you are at your best and be there for you at your worst. Loyal, Supportive, and most of all a true friend.

What do you all think? Comment and give me some feedback ;")


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