Sunday, July 1, 2012

Single Girl Summer

One of the Hottest books out is inspiring Single women to be Fearless, Fabulous, and to have some FUN!! On June 20, 2012 Deanna Burrell celebrated the 1 year anniversary of her book "Single Girl Summer".

The book chronicles the lives of 3 women Button, Meghan, and Dawn who would take on the summer with many twist and life changing turns. I feel that every woman can relate to each character in some way.

Button Jackson "The Lethal SophistiKat" dressed in the BaDDest designer suit and heels this bona-fide DIVA and owner of one of the Hottest restaurants in the city truly doesn't have it ALL together. From her issues with men, making friends, and her mother (who turns out to be at the root of all of her problems) she will embark on a journey that will take her back in time and move her forward to being loving, free, and open. .all thanks to the Summer.

Meghan Chery "The Boho SophistiKat" in the words of Drake "Sweat Pants, Hair Tied, Chilling with NO make-up on" Meghan has to face reality and find herself after a hard divorce. Many years have gone by with her settling with the "good" job while putting her true dreams of being an Interior Designer on the back burner. Facing change under the hot Chicago sun she will boldly unleash all that was lost with the help of family, new friends, and new life changing experiences.

Dawn Martin "The Stringent SophistiKat" with her mind only on making Partner at her Firm and the woes of waiting on a proposal from the boyfriend who is also one of "Chicago's most Eligible Bachelor's" this sister is surely pressed and stressed. Facing infidelity and deadlines. .she will learn to lighten up and set herself free from the shackles of work and a failing relationship. Armed with a Red Cup and Sunglasses. .Dawn evolves into a new woman.

I give this book beyond 5* stars!! Deanna Burrell delivers a REAL story for not only African American women to relate to but all women in general. With these 3 characters you will find help and courage to face the reality of your own situations and make the steps to make things right and change for the better!! 

Personal Note:
Button *My FAVorite lead character* I felt like I related to her the most with the things that she faces and has to deal with in the book has well as her character and way of thinking. LoL!! We use some of the same phrases.

Davis (Button's Sidekick/Employee) Reminds me of one of my friends. He definitely helped keep her on her toes and provided a shoulder for each character which is what a true friend does.

The Cherry's (Meghan's parents) I loved the life lessons and inspirational messages delivered by Mr. and Mrs. Cherry. It have insight and balance to each woman's situation.

Not a big fan of RED but I have my PINK cup ;")

I'm READY for the sequel!!

If you are crazy and haven't purchased your copy visit the link below and do so TODAY!!


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  1. Wow, what a wonderful review! Thanks for the support and for joining the Single Girl Summer movement. We need more images of positive Black women in the world. Tell all your friends.