Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Gifts that will make you WIN this Holiday Season!!

Fellas this one is for you!!

Some of you have the hardest time around this time of the year deciding on what to get the special lady (or ladies) in your life for Christmas. Now I understand that at times we can be some of the hardest people to please. .but really that isn't the case. You honestly have all year to pay attention to what we like. .and some have years already under the belt to know these things.Welp. .long story short. .I'm here to help

These are 5* things that you can NEVER go wrong with gifting to any woman

No woman can ever have enough jewelry.
This is an intricate part of any SophistiKat's ensemble. From bracelets, necklaces, and watches the 2Divas have you covered. .because we always need MORE.

This lovely Pearl draped necklace set
Purchase price- $48

Spa Package
An essential part of looking and feeling great over the holiday season is nothing that a Day at the Spa won't fix. 

There are several specialty spa's in your respective cities that I'm sure your lady does frequent if not. .check out Massage Envy. They have array of packages that will satisfy your SophistiKats needs.

What woman or girl doesn't love a beautiful pair of NEW shoes. Now if you have a "Shoefantic" (which I'm not) on your hands this is the perfect gift.

Shoemint provides you with fashionable and affordable looks. Once your lady signs up (or you sign her up) the first pair is 25% off!!

Tech Savvy Gift
What lady doesn't like to keep up to date on all things new while on the go? Well make sure she has that luxury by purchasing her a NEW tablet or the latest version of the one she has.

iPad Air

Kindle Fire HDX

Gift Card
I can't stress enough that a gift card can never do anyone wrong!! They are the best thing yet. When you are in a crunch on what to buy, over your budget, or just pressed for time to shop. .you can get a gift card for anywhere!! A favorite restaurant, clothing store, salon, etc. Here are a few of my FAVorites.

Victoria's Secret (My FAVorite Store)


Red Lobster

Hope this helps ya out!! And ladies. .please feel free to comment and share your FAVorites that can be added to this list.


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