Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thrifty Finds

One thing I love is a Bargain!! Now don't get me wrong. .if I see something I want and it's not on sale I will buy it, however if I can get something at a discounted price. .I am overjoyed.

My Mother introduced me to Thrift Stores and Yard Sales at an early age. I used to LOVE getting up on Saturday morning, gathering my snack, crossword puzzle books, and heading out to the exclusive subdivisions here in the city for their annual "Community Sales". We used to find all types of steals. From designer handbags/clothing/shoes, toys, games, paintings for the house, home decor, etc. You name it. .we could find it. The BEST part is that my mother and I always had a great time!! 

Thrift Stores are another FAVorite of ours. We have several that we go to here in the city and we always find others to check out when we are out of town.

Today we stopped at one of our FAVorites!! My Mom found 2 pairs of BaDD shoes for me for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons. The highlight. .We both pair for less than $10!! I tell everyone "If you see me in a pair of BaDD heels, 9 times out of 10 my Mother picked them out or purchased them for me". LoL!!

1 pair of BCBG Wedge Sandals 
1 pair of Express Platform Cork Sandals

I can't wait to pair them with stylish and sophisticated pieces that I have in my closet. .or who knows? Maybe I will find something on my next Adventure!! 


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