Saturday, December 4, 2010

48 Years Strong. .5 Years Incorporated

On Behalf of "The SophistiKats" of "The Sophisticate Chronicles" we would like to wish the women of Alpha Angels Inc. a very Happy Phounders Day and Congratulations on 5 years as a Nationally Incorporated Organization!!

December 4, 1962. .On the campus of Howard University 4 Young Women would change the view of Auxiliary organizations forever. Transcending from the old tradition of being "Little Sisters" to an independent group of women known as "Angels".

These women will forever and always be known as "The 4 Most Precious Angels"
Angel Judith Cathy Anderson
Angel Linda Suzanne Compton
Angel Carol Michelle Morrison
Angel Kristen Evonne Williams

On November 30, 2005. . 3 women whom were brought into the realm of "Angel" set out on the final mission to complete and legalized the dream of so many women who had come before them. The final resting stop on the 43 year journey of "Alpha Angels" would be Chicago, IL.

These women will always and forever be known as "The Arch 3"- National Incorporators of what is now Alpha Angels Incorporated.

May God continue to bless you all to aim for the light that was originally given by the first to continue the aims and purpose of your organization.

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