Friday, December 3, 2010


Cavaliers fans packed the Quicken Loans Arena last night to witness what they thought would be a slaughter for the Heat. Signs reading "I hate LeBron James," with t-shirt quotes like "The Lyin' King" or "Judas & Brutus & Benedict & LeBron," filled the arena. Hostility was high in the building last night. Despite LeBron James' unwelcomed return to Cleveland, he came out on top! With his mind-blowing 38 points, the Heat soared to a 118-90 win over the Cavaliers. James overcame adversity and reigned supreme on the court. Though Cleveland went through great lengths to display their hatred towards James, he told journalists he had nothing but the utmost respect for the city and its fans. You can get stats, more interviews, articles and catch highlights of Miami's win over Cleveland at

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