Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Sean's Exclusive Bitchie Interview

Last night while on twitter we came across one of Necole Bitchie's tweets that included a link giving access to an interview she had with Detroit's uprising rapper, Big Sean. He is currently signed with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. music label. During the interview, Big Sean tells how he got discovered by Kanye West, getting signed to Kanye's label, his upcoming album, and what he looks for in a woman.

Once we got to the part of the interview where he describes the type of qualities he looks for in a woman, we were in awe. Here's some of the qualities on his list:

Necole Bitchie: What are the qualities you look for in a woman?

Big Sean: I want somebody who has f**king goals, somebody who knows what they’re going to do. I got a life coach that teaches me ways to make life easier. One of the things they taught me was clarity is power. So if you’re clear about something and write your sh*t down, stuff you want to do—it’s clarity. It turns me on when a girl has goals and sh*t.

Necole Bitchie: Outside of a woman having goals and ambitions, what are the qualities you are looking for in Ms. Right?

Big Sean: I know this sounds shallow, but somebody that you are physically attracted to.  Somebody you can see yourself waking up to forever– someone you can grow old with. When you are wrinkled, you can look at them and be like ‘damn, I love you’. It has to be a girl you wouldn’t mind having and raising kids with. You don’t want no ghetto ass, hoodrat raising your kids.

Seems as if this young man has a good head on his shoulders and knows exactly what he wants. Love that in a man. We see ya Big Sean!

The full interview can be viewed at this link:

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