Tuesday, April 5, 2011


GRAMMY AWARD NOMINATED Songstress from Floetry has RETURNED with her Debut solo album, "Late Nights& Early Mornings". This album has touched the hearts of many people, of all ages, races, and sexualities.

Ms.Ambrosius' debut  Single Lady Ballad, "I Hope She Cheats On You with a Basketball Player", poured out the many emotions that women EVERYWHERE have experienced at some point in their lives after a heartbreak. The lyrics expressed exactly what people have thought about saying after a breakup, but just couldn't quite put into words. lol

Marsha's 2nd Single, "Far Away" tells a story about a friend of hers who attempted to commit suicide. The video, touches on an issue that school aged kids, College students, as well as people of all walks of life, have experienced at some point in their lives, "BULLYING". Marsha dares to take her video to a place, most artist would not even attempt to discuss or paint a picture of, in a video. She touches on the issues of homosexuality, discrimination, and bullying. We commend you, Ms.Ambrosius, for DARING to be DIFFERENT and standing up for WHAT you believe in!

Other songs, from Marsha's album that should definitely be checked out, include:
"Lose Myself" written by the BEAUTIFUL Ms.Lauryn Hill. "Lose Myself " is a soft love ballad that refers to a woman who was once a hopeless romantic, until she was broke down and hurt in relationships. In order for this woman, to love again, she must 'Lose Herself' to heal, and love someone better. ( The way they SHOULD be loved...)

"With You" written by Marsha Ambrosius, herself, alongside the LOVELY Ms.Alicia Keys. "With You" is a very sensual track. It is just the track to listen to when you are alone with your man, and you want to let him know, just what it is, you want to experience with him in the privacy of your bedroom. ;-) VERY GROWN and SEXY!

"Your Hands" written by Marsha Ambrosius, Andre Harris, and Vidal Davis. "Your Hands" is also a VERY sensual ballad. Its almost like the Part II of the popular Floetry single, "Its Getting Late". The song is about a woman who wants to give her heart, but who is also cautious about receiving another broken heart. Although shes cautious, she risks bringing her guard down, to give this new significant other a chance. All she asks is that he takes GOOD care of her broken heart and body, when she places it into his 'His Hands'. *snap snap*

"Tears" written by Marsha Ambrosius and Reggie Perry. "Tears" is the one ballad you play when you DON'T want your baby to leave your side. In the song, Marsha pleads for her significant other to take her back. She KNOWS she has done wrong by him, shes realized her mistakes, and shes not afraid to admit it. She wants a second chance. This song truly paints the picture of just what it entitles, "TEARS". Marsha cries the lyrics of this ballad, which makes it IRRESISTIBLE for any man to not accept her apology.

All, in all... Marsha Ambrosius put her foot into her SOLO album. This album is a VERY, VERY, SOUL TOUCHING album. We recommend this album to anybody who LOVES REAL MUSIC with an actual message in the song and lyrics. Check out,  "Late Nights and Early Mornings", we are FOR CERTAIN you WILL NOT be DISAPPOINTED!!! Enjoy! ;-)

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