Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today In Black History

Jean Baptiste Lislet-Geoffroy, distinguished French geographer, is born.

Jean-Baptiste Lislet-Geoffrey was the first Black correspondent of the French Academy of Sciences.


John Brown Russwurm is considered to be the first Black in America to graduate college. Two years after entering Bowdoin College, he received his baccalaureate degree on September 6,1826. A lesser known Black student, Edward Jones graduated just two weeks before on August 23,1826 from Amherst College. Both men received their Masters, John in 1829 and Edward in 1830.


James Stone, a light skinned fugitive slave passing for white, enlisted in the First Fight Artillery of Ohio. His racial identity would not be known until his death nearly a year later.


National Negro Business League founded. At the organizing meeting in Boston, Booker T. Washington was elected president.

52 nurses lead by Martha M. Franklin form the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, to improve the status of African American nurses

Race riot, Houston, between soldiers of Twenty-fourth Infantry Regiment and white citizens. Two Blacks and eleven whites killed. Martial law declared.


Inventor Philip Emeagwali was born in Akure, Nigeria

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