Tuesday, August 23, 2011

9 Types of Sex Every Woman SHOULD Have

There are a million different ways to twist the sheets. Just check the Kama Sutra, but no one can try them all. That said, there are a few types of sex every woman should experience at least once. Ladies, LISTEN UP, because if you haven’t done the deed these nine ways, you’re totally missing out!!

I’m Sorry Sex*

Otherwise known as make up sex. It’s what happens when that thin line between anger and passion is crossed and the result is most often spontaneous and mind blowing.

Vacation Sex*

It’s not for everyone, but we’re here to tell you, sex in paradise with a gorgeous man you just met can often be the most thrilling kind. (As long as it’s safe sex, of course.) He’s mysterious and gorgeous and he makes you feel sexy – a recipe for vacation bliss.

We Might Get Caught Sex*

You know that moment when the sparks are flying between you but you just can’t sneak away. Toss those inhibitions and do it anyway. Go find your own little corner of heaven and steal a moment all your own. Sure, you might get caught, but that’s really the fun of it, after all.

You’re Gonna Miss Me Sex*

Sometimes the sex can be good even when the relationship is not. If you’re parting ways with an ex for good, makes your last time the very best time. Give him all you’ve got as a friendly reminder of what he’ll soon be missing. (Wink!)

Beach Sex*

There’s something about the sound of the ocean waves rolling back and forth against the sand that really set the mood – and the pace – when it comes to outdoor love making; and there’s nothing like the feeling of a cool summer breeze against your hot and sweaty skin. The moment is a must, ladies. Just don’t forge the blanket.

Shower Sex*

Cranking up the hot water knob isn’t the only way to steam up your bathroom mirrors. If you haven’t had a round of who-cares about my hair, I want you so bad, lets stay until the water gets cold shower sex yet, you’re seriously missing out

Role-Play Sex*

Grab your leading man and act out your wildest sexual fantasy. Don’t skimp on this production. Script it out, buy costumes, bring props – whatever it takes to make your debut role truly authentic. Lights, camera, action!

Airplane Sex*

It’s never too late to gain membership into the infamous “mile high club”. The next time you and your boo are jet setting across the skies try your hand at making your own turbulence. Just be sure to fly below the flight attendant’s radar.

The Quickie*

The next time you want to sneak off for a little bad behavior when it’s really not a good time, make some. So you only have five minutes? That’s enough time to squeeze in some fun. Go for it!!

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