Monday, August 8, 2011

Stacey Dash leaving "Single Ladies"?

The Buzz for the last 24hours has been about the possible departure of one of our favorite characters on the new VH1 hit series Single Ladies. 

Stacey Dash (character"Val" Stokes) is said to have had an altercation with her cast mate Lisa Raye McCoy (character Keisha Greene). During a taping for an episode the ladies were in cocktail attire and out of no where Stacey lashed out at Lisa. Before she stormed off the set she stated "No, I ain’t coming back unless that b*tch gets her as* kicked!” Sources say that Lisa Raye did or said nothing to provoke Stacey's behavior. VH1 has yet to make a comment on the matter or if there will be any cast changes for the upcoming Season 2.

We hope there won't be any changes. This cast seems to have a great chemistry and the show is definitely a hit. Work IT out Ladies!! We shall keep you posted. .

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