Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dose of Soul

Earlier this week I read an article on HuffPost "Black Voices" that Jodeci had NEVER broke up!!

K-Ci stated "We are not getting back together, simple reason is we never broke up!! (YES Lawd!!) We have a vault of CDs that we could just put out at any moment. But just like when Jodeci first came out, nobody expected that. And we’re just going to keep it that way. But for now, with the love from Dalvin and DeVante, they’re pushing me and Jojo. They’re like “do what you gotta do,” DeVante said; “I’m going to let y'all know when I’m ready. But y'all continue doing what y'all doing.” And actually, we’re in the studio right now. We record new Jodeci material every chance we get… So we’re just waiting on DeVante’s call."

For a Jodeci fan such as myself that is AWESOME news!! And WOO!! Glory. .DeVante and that voice. I had been trying to figure out who Trey Songz voice (not singing but his normal voice) reminds me of and it's DeVante!! When that man comes on to ANY Jodeci track. .GLORY!! Trigga has the same effect.

Anywhoo. .check out the video for one of my FAV Jodeci tracks for your Sunday Dose of Soul "STAY". .


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