Friday, September 20, 2013

The Butler. .MY Take

Lee Daniels: The Butler. .

I have been waiting a few weeks to write this post. .I  have had to marinate (yes I said marinate) on a lot of my thoughts. During this time I have checked out a few other Blog post and of course heard the critics reviews of this movie. Via Facebook I have read a lot of post from Black "conscious" pages as well. .with that being said here goes. .

I enjoyed the movie!! From the heart wrenching beginning to the very prideful end. I went to see the movie with my mother who experience the Civil Rights movements as a teen first hand. A lot of accounts that where faced in the movie by some of the young people, my mother did not face. That didn't mean that she was not aware of many of the treatment of torment of blacks during the movement. .a brave group of Howard High School students helped to desegregate the downtown lunch counters right here in our city. Our city was actually the first to use the water hose tactic on young black protesters before Birmingham.

The movie overall ended up being better than I thought. I knew the movie was going to be good but it was absolutely GREAT. I had been following the movie since production started and read every piece of information I could find about Mr. Gaines.

It left me with a sense of pride because we were able to watch 2 generation deal and cope with being Black in America. You had Cecil Gaines who had grown up under oppression and Louis who grew up in an era fighting for equality and change. Both very different but strong in the sense of how they dealt and overcame each challenge that presented itself.

I have heard MANY people state that they are tired of seeing such films as "The Help" and "The Butler" come to the big screen and that we as a people need to boycott movie that depict blacks as "domestics", "hustlers", "slaves", etc. In reference to movies like "The Help" and "The Butler" that was our reality and for some it still is today. The maids and butler put most of our parents and family members through college with those said jobs. Helped our parents to understand and know the true meaning of hard work. Raised them to be the most confident and educated people we see today. My family for instance had a few women who were "domestics" and that is something that has always been discussed openly. No one is ashamed of that. The circumstances that we faced from day one in this country were not brought on by us. We must not be ashamed of our past but in a way acknowledge how far we have come and instill in the younger generation a sense of pride. Being prideful of being BLACK. Remembering and praying for all the souls who lost their lives for us to be EQUAL. Letting them never be forgotten. Continuing to march forward.

I commend the whole cast on an outstanding performance. I honestly feel that this movies should receive "Best Picture", "Best Actor: Forrest Whitaker", "Best Screenplay", and "Best Director". If stories like this aren't told. .our history will continue to be lost. In regards to The Butler. .to Lee Daniels I say "Thank You"~*


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