Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SophistiKat Book Club is BACK!!

Hey Everybody!! Pearls, Books, and Tea is BACK!!

I have had the book club for over a year now and have had some great meetings with SophistiKats who love to read just as much as I do. Now I received a few emails from Brothas who would like to be apart of the book club as well but couldn't get past the "Pearls". LoL!! I understand and I don't want to exclude you all. So I want ALL the Brothas to know that they are welcome to join, come out and chat. Hey. .Bring your Bow-tie ;")

As women single, in a relationship, or married we can all use some advice. How to approach dating from a Christian standpoint, how to keep the sparks flying after we are committed, and also insight into the mind of men so that we can understand them better while learning how to convey our needs for understanding as well. I posted tips for my Single SophistiKats (from to start the year off and in conjunction with those tips I felt this would be the perfect read on the journey to finding ourselves and the right mate. Plus I love introducing my FAVorite authors to other avid readers who may not be familiar with their works.

“GOD Where is My Boaz” is a woman’s guide to understanding what is hindering her from receiving the love and relationship she truly deserves. A practical and spiritual approach to the issues a lot of women are facing. A straight forward and easy to read book that will help you:

  • Recognize and overcome the obstacles in love & relationships 
  • Take steps towards truly becoming the blessing you hope to receive 
  • Feel empowered, encouraged, and focused on progress

"God Where is My Boaz?" is the latest book from Author, Life and Relationship Coach, and Professional Speaker Stephan Labossiere.

A little about the Author. .

Stephan is a certified relationship coach, a speaker and author, Stephan seizes every opportunity to help both men and women overcome the challenges that hinder their relationships. From understanding the opposite sex, to navigating the paths and avoiding the pitfalls of relationships and self growth, Stephan’s relationship advice and insight helps countless individuals achieve an authentically amazing life.

Stephan empowers millions to take charge of the difficult situations standing in the way of the life and love they seek and to make impactful changes on a daily basis.

Dedicated to helping, and devoted to keeping it real, Stephan’s straightforward, yet compassionate delivery style, attracts a versatile clientele including; notable celebrities, civic and social organizations, academic institutions, singles, and couples alike, who can and are ready to handle the truth!

Seen, heard and chronicled in national and international media outlets including; the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Examiner, ABC, and Huffington Post Live, to name a few. Stephan is highly sought-after because he is able to dispel the myths of relationship breakdowns and obstacles–platonic, romantic, and otherwise—with fervor and finesse. To coin a phrase by an individual who attended one of his speaking engagements, “he’s definitely the relationship guy, all relationships all the time.”

I  have read some of the book so far and I must say that it indeed is a MUST HAVE and MUST READ. I know that once I complete it, I will indeed re-read it to prepare for the event.

Sistah's Chat 3 will take place February 22, 2013 where will discuss the book. Be on the look out for the flyer and details for the event.

Get started by purchasing "God Where is my Boaz?" on PDF or Kindle version $4.99,
MP3 Audio $6.99, or Paperback $14.99 (hardcopy) at this link

Also for more information on Stephan check out his website
Follow him on Twitter @StephanSpeaks
"Like" him on Facebook

I hope you all are just as excited as I am!!

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