Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Rise

So. .A week ago we received a new Follower on Twitter.
Now you all know how much we LOVE music of all genre's. I especially was excited to see that the person was a artist and from the South. 

With a Smooth and Soulful sound Winston Warrior is DEFinitely on his way to making his mark in the industry.

This Atlanta native is no stranger however to music. He started out in the group "Lo'Profile" which produced  2 Hit singles "Play Melody" and "Missing You". The group however didn't last long but that didn't stop Winston from continuing on the road to success and making his dream of a return to the industry a reality. Graduating with a degree in Business from the University of Miami he gained a lot of experience in production and performance. Over the past year he has been working hard and definitely making his presence known through out the South and across the nation.

His latest project "Lifeology 101" is one you will pop in and listen to from start to finish. .and maybe repeat a few songs in between. .LoL!! My personal favorites are "Winner", "Willin to Work 4 It",  "Crossroads", "Tuck You In", and of course "Bad 4 U".

Visit iTunes and purchase your copy of "Lifeology 101" 

Also Follow Him on Twitter @WinstonWarrior

Support this Brother!!


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