Monday, December 12, 2011

Natural SophistiKat's

Making the decision to take the journey from relaxed hair back to your naturally textured hair is tough. Some women decide to do "The Big Chop" while others simply do the "Transition".

About 7 years ago I decided to go natural. I did not want to cut all of my hair off so I decided to go with the "Transition". Over the course of 3 years I began to embrace my new natural hair. (Now don't get me wrong it was rough!! )

Dealing with the relaxed hair as your new natural hair grows back is a hard process and very frustrating. You have to develop your own routine for keeping your natural hair on point and manageable You have to continuously keep your hair washed, conditioned, trimmed, and most importantly moisturized (because natural hair is a lot dryer than relaxed hair).

Since then I have gone back to wearing a relaxer. I feel like it is the best choice for me and allows me more freedom and manageability.

However for all my SophistiKat's out there going through the transition "Miss Jessie's" has you covered.

This YouTube video highlights one of the BEST hairstyles for a Transitioning* Diva the "Dry Twist Out" and it features one of their top selling products "Baby Buttercreme". In this video it takes you step by step on how to achieve this HoTT and popular look. It's also a wonderful protective style for this time of the year. (The winter is usually a rough time for Black Hair).

We will continue to keep you posted on the LATEST in Natural Hair care and products.

Please visit and support Miko and Titi Branch (The Founders of Miss Jessie's) by visiting their website or Follow them on Twitter @Miss_Jessies

Who knows I might be Naturalista again sometime soon.



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