Friday, November 4, 2011

Evelyn is BACK!!

For the past few months everyone has been on pins and needles wondering if Evelyn Lozada would follow through and not return for the 4th Season of VH1's "Basketball Wives". Welp. .she is BACK.

In conjunction with shooting Season 4 she will be working on a new book series "The Wives Association". .and who did she sign this book series deal with you might ask? None other than Lil Wayne and Baby of Cash Money!! LoL!! Interesting Huh? Yeah. .We thought so too!! Turns out Lil Wayne and Baby are the owners of Cash Money Content (Atria an Imprint of Simon & Schuster). Also there is already talks to turn the series of books into movies.

What Evelyn Had to Say:

“The stories that you hear, what goes on in these relationships, and just being in that circle I decided to let everyone experience a piece of it for themselves by writing this series of juicy novels.

By partnering with Baby and Cash Money Content, we have the potential to turn these "novels" into a full-fledged brand,” Lozada explains. “Everything Baby and CMC touches turns to gold, and our brands together will be magical.”

Her being an Author only makes you think about fellow cast mate Royce Reed (Whom she called a Bum) and her book/series "College Girls". The first book hit shelves mid October.

Hmm. .Go Figure!! We shall be waiting to see how this all pans out!!

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