Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dirty Laundry

Kelly Rowland just released the most anticipated video for and next single "Dirty Laundry" off her  latest album "Talk A Good Game". 

Of course when everyone first heard the track there was a lot of talk about "Why discuss her issues now?" or "What was the purpose of the song?". My opinion is that being an artist is a form of "artistry" and through this form of art they can release and talk about certain experiences freely through their music. I feel that with this album overall Kelly has truly introduced us to the REAL Kelly and now more of her fans can relate to her more than ever. I'm not going to throw any shade to Beyonce' but Kelly has always been a favorite of mine (even with the old DC I liked everyone of the girls except Beyonce'. I'm just not a fan. Sorry SophistiKats!!) and I am glad to see her step truly out of the shadows and show everyone what she is working with. Kelly is BaDD and I can't wait to see her continue to walk in every blessing that God will continue to send her way. Keep on shining Beautiful Brown Sistah!!

Check out the video and don't forget to pick up a copy of "Talk A Good Game"!!


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