Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Power of the Coconut

For the past year I have been making products at home (Yes in my own Kitchen) and testing them out to see what I like and how I can truly benefit from them in my day to day life. I also suffer from eczema so a lot of products on the market for hair, body care, and fragrances I cannot use.  One all natural product ( that we find in most African American products) I have not run into any problems with is raw, organic Coconut Oil.  I am not the only one that creates and uses homemade products. A lot of my Sisterfriends do the same, however this is a common and consistent product being used amongst most that I chatted with.

Here are a few of my FAVories. .

1. Massage Oil~ Coconut oil soothes tired and sore muscles. Add a few drops of essential oils (virgin olive oil, rosemary oil, or lavender oil) for a more relaxing a sensuous scent.

2. Stretch Marks~ (Every woman just about has one or two. .if not more of these Tiger Stripes somewhere) For prevention and softening marks from pregnancy, weight-loss or gain, etc. simply apply the coconut oil to the marks (preferably after a nice warm bath or shower) and massage in circular motions to make sure the affected area is covered. Try doing this once a day.

3. Face Masque/Scrub ~Mix Coconut oil with a teaspoon of baking soda, sugar (white), cinnamon, and raw oatmeal. Once mix dampen your face with a warm wash cloth, apply mixture, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Remove by splashing luke warm water on to the face until all the product is removed.  Then place a cool wash cloth on to your face to close pores and apply moisturizer of your choice.

4. Lip Balm~ There is nothing to this. Just apply a dab of raw coconut oil as needed to your dry and clean lips. .and GO!! This oil is the ultimate for hydrating and protecting your lips.

5. Eczema~ Apply drops of coconut oil to the affected areas. It will help reduce break outs, pain, on going flakiness, and dryness. Also it hydrates the skin to keep it smooth and soft without irritation. (Also a relief for those who suffer from Psoriasis and Dermatitis)

I decided to share a few of the benefits and unknown uses for it. I would also LOVE to hear back from some of you with your recipes and other ways you may enjoy using the product. 

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