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Breathe. .and EXHALE

In case you aren't familiar with Aspire it is a Black cable network owned by none other than Magic Johnson. The aim of Aspire TV is to bring quality and family oriented television back into the lives of Black families via a network that is geared specifically towards us. Honestly there isn't much that comes on the network that you and your family can't sit back, relax, and enjoy together. Showcasing movies from ABFF, episodes of the Flip Wilson Show, our favorite and first prime time black female character "Julia", and a new sensational talk show EXHALE!!

Aspire has heard the voices of Black women and they are giving us what we TRULY want. Exhale is a new prime time talk show geared towards black women focusing on everything from health, dating, staying fit & fabulous, and living your best life possible. It features the "Who's Who" of Sistahs as the host of the show.

Check them out. .

*Malinda Williams (A lot of people call me her twin. .Love her!! Always stays true to herself and such an inspiration)

Armed with a license in cosmetology and a few small acting roles, Malinda Williams left her home state of New Jersey and ambitiously set her sights on Hollywood. Originally intent on servicing the entertainment industry by opening her own hair salon, Malinda quickly found her beauty industry career giving way to her undeniable acting talent.

Twice nominated for an NAACP Image Award for "outstanding actress in a drama series", the determined young beauty made a name for herself, grabbing lead roles in films such as The Wood , High School High, Tyler Perry's Daddy’s Little Girls and First Sunday. Having just completed one of four film projects in 2011 which include Percentage with Ving Rhames and Macy Gray, Russ Parr’s The Undershephard and GMC’s A Cross to Bear, Malinda will appear next, alongside Chris Rock, in Julie Delpy’s 2 Days in New York, which will premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. If you ask this talented actress some of her career goals, she will tell you, I just want to portray African-American women accurately, because that is all I represent; not necessarily positively or negatively, just correctly.

*Angela Burt-Murray (LOVE this woman!! I've followed her for years with Essence Magazine and she is the epitome of a Savvy and Sophisticated woman about her business and people!!)

Angela Burt-Murray is the co-founder and editorial director of Cocoa Media Group, a new digital media company that launched and CocoaFab.TV to feature entertainment, style and original web series for young women of color.

Prior to launching CMG, she was the editor-in-chief of ESSENCE magazine, where she oversaw the editorial direction for ESSENCE magazine—the premier lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty magazine for African-American women—as well as—the leading daily online destination to serve that audience. As steward of ESSENCE’s editorial content from 2005- 2010, Burt-Murray increased circulation by 20 percent and defined the cultural discussion for the Black community and empowered the brand's audience–which encompassed 8.3 million readers of the monthly magazine and over 1.5 million monthly unique users of the website.

*Erin Jackson (Funny, Fun, and outgoing!! Love her!!)

"Washington has been the home of a number of very good comics and a few great ones (Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle, Lewis Black, Martin Lawrence). Erin Jackson could be next in line." – The Washington Post

Armed with a megawatt smile and a pocket full of dreams, Erin Jackson is poised to conquer the world of stand-up. In fact, she’d probably be well on her way to superstardom by now if her friends and family hadn’t spent so many years hating on her dreams and stealing her joy.

Since first making a name for herself at colleges and east coast comedy clubs, Erin's warm, conversational style and relatable humor have helped to propel her onto the national stage. She has performed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and Comedy Central’s "Live at Gotham," and was a semifinalist on season 6 of NBC’s "Last Comic Standing." Erin has also appeared on VH-1 and worked with both HBO and BET on live comedy and awards specials. She's been a panelist on pop-culture countdown shows such as "40 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of the 90's" and "Best Movie Kisses" and was featured most recently on TV Guide Network's "StandUp in Stilettos." Erin is currently touring the country as part of the "Pumps & Punchlines" theatre tour.

*Issa Rae (A young she-roe and inspiration I admire her zeal and ambition. .and absolutely LOVE Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl)

Issa Rae, the multitalented CEO and Owner of Issa Rae Productions, is a pioneer in the fight against the narrow, mainstream portrayal of people of color in the media. With a dedicated and passionate team, and supportive fan base, Issa Rae Productions lends a voice to a demographic that largely goes unheard. The wide-spread success of Issa Rae’s webseries, The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, has unanimously placed Issa Rae at the forefront of the digital web revolution.

Issa Rae, as Director, Writer, Editor, and Actress, is a rising force that has finally put in to action the change many have been waiting to see. A Los Angeles native, Issa received her B.A. from Stanford University, producing and directing four theatrical productions, including two stage adaptations of Spike Lee films throughout her time in college. Because film is her true passion, Issa took time off from Stanford to attend the New York Film Academy where she honed her filmmaking skills. Upon graduating from Stanford, Issa continued to follow her passion. Through various music videos, shorts, and a range of successful webseries, Issa Rae Productions pulls from the everyday struggles of the twenty-something year old, and incorporates a sense of humor that makes each original plot and character, relatable and appealing.

*Rene' Syler (Confident and Sophisticated!! Truly about women loving and embracing who they truly are. .and I love her hair!!)

René Syler knew she wanted a career in television. Unfortunately she did not come to that realization until after she had spent thousands of dollars on a degree in psychology. She forged ahead and after reporter/anchor jobs in Reno, Birmingham and Dallas, landed a plum assignment as one of the anchors of The Early Show on CBS.

It was there René capitalized on her natural curiosity. She interviewed former First Lady Laura Bush, both in studio and at The White House. She spoke with politicians such as Senator John McCain, Senator John Kerry, and countless authors, Jeffrey Deaver and Walter Mosely among her many favorites. In her four years at The Early Show, she delved into the lives of Russell Crowe, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Selleck, Antonio Banderas, Denzel Washington, Beyonce and Will Smith to name a few. She danced with American Idol winner Fantasia, even giving her the blue shoes off her own feet after Fantasia complimented her on them! Alas she was not particularly adept at the cooking segments, which will come as no surprise to those who know her.

As you can see the host are DYNAMIC and they have covered some wonderful topics so far; HIV/Aids, Heart Health (Whoop!!), Why Black Women are Single (aka not having healthy and lasting relationships), and more!! Some special guest have been A.J. Johnson (Actress, Trainer/Life Coach), Tichina Arnold ( Actress), Judge Lynn Toler, and  Lance Gross (Yes Lawd!!).

We definitely need to support this show, these ladies, and the network!!

Exhale airs every Wednesday 8:00 pm est!! You can also catch the episode from the previous week at 9:00 pm est.

Follow and show them all support on Twitter:

Don't forget to tell all your girlfriends. .your mama. .to tell her friends. .and SUPPORT!!



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