Wednesday, July 31, 2013


In case you had not heard. .VH1 will be bringing the story of the Multi-Platinum. .Best Selling Female group of all time to a television screen near you this FALL. That's right the story of TLC!!
I can admit I was a little shocked by the young women who were casted (no hatred at all) but after viewing this trailer. .they truly did each character justice!! They look almost identical to the ladies. I'm really excited to see Lil Mama bring to life the late and great Left-Eye!!

Don't know about you but I was a HUGE TLC fan!! What girl wasn't?! Child I wanted hair like Chilli's, rocked the Crossed Colors fits, wore the band~aid on my face, and everything!! LoL!!

I will be ready to #TuneIN and you should too!!


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