Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wool: Our Hair's Worst Enemy

The cold season has presented itself, but there is more to come. It is only Fall and Winter has yet to show it's colder and uglier side.
During the cold season we dress in layers, we double up on clothing, and then we put on outerwear; which consists of wool coats, wool hats, and scarves. A wool coat, scarf, and hat may be good for keeping us warm; but it is detrimental to African American hair.

Here's my story:
During the winter months of 2010 I started noticing how so many strands of my hair would end up on the back of my pea coat. After a while, I also noticed the hair at the nape of my neck breaking off. Last, I noticed my hair getting shorter at the crown of my head. I figured that the coat and hat that I was wearing was the cause of my hair breakage, but I didn't know how to prevent it. It was like fighting a losing battle. Though my hair was breaking, I had no choice but to continue wearing this coat and hat because it was protecting me from the cold.
Later I figured that maybe if I wore a silk scarf under my hat, as I wore to bed at night, then it would stop my hair from breaking. So I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and purchased a few silk scarves. I went home, turned each of my hats inside out and sewed the scarf to the lining of the hat and cut what was left of the scarf off. After I finished, the inside of my hats were sewn in silk. From then on, before going out into the cold, I would put my hat on and tuck my hair into the hat. Tucking my hair inside the hat, kept my hair from being exposed to wool and from breaking at the nape of my neck. That silk lining inside my hat really kept my hair from breaking.

I hope that this post will help a sister out.


From one SophistiKat to another

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