Sunday, October 2, 2011

Road to Beautiful Black Skin (Part 1)

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet and Drinking Lots of Water

In general, what’s good for your  heart is good for your skin. Following the guidelines for heart healthy eating (green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and lean meats) benefits your external appearance as well. This type of nutritional plan ensures that you get enough nutrients for your general well-being, as well as for beautiful black skin.

Water is the key component to beautiful black skin. 
Listen, don’t  get it twisted, you’re not going to erase dry, flaky patches on your cheeks by downing gallons of water. You’re going to need a topical moisturizer to fix surface problems. 
But when you drink plenty of water, it acts as internal hydration, aids your cells and organ function and flushes waste products from your body which is an important factor for healthy skin.

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